HTA to revist trails master plan |

HTA to revist trails master plan

Reid Tulley
Grand County, CO Colorado

Headwaters Trails Alliance (HTA) is revisiting its trails master plan after taking into account the feedback they received from the community in an online survey.

Some of the components of the trails master plan include connecting existing trails to towns, consistent signage across Grand County trail systems, and locating trailheads where they can be easily accessed by foot or bicycle, according to HTA Executive Director Maura McKnight.

“We are looking at all of those projects as a whole and beginning to prioritize them,” McKnight said.

A project for HTA that has now moved to the front burner after the recent completion of the Fraser to Granby Trail is a trail connecting Grand Lake to Granby. HTA has already begun to scope out where the trail would be constructed.

Information gathered from the online survey has shown that people in the community would like to see more non-motorized single-track trails in the area.

“We are trying to give people what they want,” McKnight said.

Giving people what they want entails working with the Forest Service to ensure HTA’s proposed changes will fit into the Forest Service’s Arapaho Forest Plan. HTA is also working closely with Grand Mountain Bike Alliance or GMBA as well as Winter Park Town Planner James Shockey.

As the majority of Grand County’s trails are located near Winter Park and Fraser, HTA has also been revising the Winter Park and Fraser sub plan, one of the goals of which is to create more connectivity to the Town of Winter Park and the resort.

Winter Park and Fraser’s new joint branding effort will be included on the proposed signage for the trails in the area, as will topographic maps that have the trails marked on them, making it easier to navigate the extensive trail system throughout Winter Park and Fraser.

McKnight has submitted a grant for funding for the signs to State Trails, which operates through Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and should hear back from them sometime in April.

HTA will conduct its annual planning retreat in February, where officials will hammer out the details of the new master plan. Before then they hope to continue to have input from the community.

“The best trail plan will be the one that has the most input from the public,” McKnight said.

The online survey will continue to operate past Jan. 7; however, that date will be when they collect all the information the survey has gathered and will start to sort through it to find out what people in the county would like to see in the new master plan. They are also conducting meetings where members of the public can comment on the master plan and provide whatever input they feel is relevant throughout the next couple of months.

Online survey

Those interested may check the Headwaters Trails Alliance meeting schedule or access the community trails survey at

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