Idled rail cars get nickname: "Iron Curtain" |

Idled rail cars get nickname: "Iron Curtain"

Associated Press

ORDWAY, Colo. (AP) – Idled railcars sitting empty on miles of tracks in southeastern Colorado near Ordway have been nicknamed, “The Iron Curtain” by residents and have gotten the attention of Congresswoman Betsy Markey.

Union Pacific Corp. has idled the cars because with the poor economy, they’re not needed.

Markey, D-Colo., said she has received assurances from the railroad company that the situation is being examined. A Union Pacific spokesman did not return a call from The Associated Press Sunday.

River outfitters this summer had complained of idled railcars along a stretch of railroad next ruining the view of river rafters in the Arkansas River.

Some of the cars are painted with graffiti.