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‘Ignorant’ dog owners ignore Fraser leash law with impunity

To the Editor:

Leash Law? What a joke. I believe that if you have a law, it should be abided by.

Since Fraser’s “alleged” leash law has gone into effect, I have more dogs than ever walking into my yard and using it for their public bathrooms. Oh, but don’t worry, the dogs’ owners with the dog leash in their hands is standing in the street watching their dog defecate in my yard. Do they come up and clean up their dogs feces? Of course not, although you will hear them say “hurry up” to their pet as they watch their beloved dog hunched over leaving us a nice pile to clean up.

Since we are not allowed pets where I live, I don’t appreciate having the chore of cleaning up your dog’s “business” before we can cut the grass. If the Town of Fraser wants to earn money from fines for catching dogs running wild without being on a leash or even their owners around, they should park their county vehicle on the corners of Eisenhower and Norgren Roads facing the tubing hills.

It’s a shame that I have to bring my pepper spray with me when I bicycle with my granddaughter around Fraser and Winter Park, and when I walk out to my car in my own yard; due to unleashed dogs, running the streets .

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I have a thought – how about putting a law on the books of Fraser and Winter Park that allow ME to carry a BB gun to shoot either an unleashed dog defecating in my yard, or their ignorant owner who watches them?

Maybe I’m looked upon as someone who dislikes dogs. Actually, I like dogs; it’s their ignorant “Masters” that I have a problem with. Instead of sending dogs to obedience classes, it should be mandatory for all dog owners to attend classes teaching the proper way to own a dog.

Donna Lively

Winter Park

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