In the schools: East Grand gives thanks before Thanksgiving |

In the schools: East Grand gives thanks before Thanksgiving

Frank Reeves
EGSD superintendent

Thankful happenings this week in East Grand.

• Granby Elementary kindergarteners visited the Granby fire station for a fantastic field trip. Each student even had a chance to spray the fire hose. We are grateful for our community partnerships, and their commitment to give our students meaningful experiences.

• Thankful paragraphs from Mrs. Manyak’s third-grade class at Fraser Valley Elementary.

– There are three reasons why I am thankful for forks. First, I can eat with them. Imagine if you had to eat spaghetti and meatballs with your hands. That would be a disaster. Next it is easy to grab things. Meat is easy to grab and put in my mouth with a fork. Finally, I wont get my hands dirty. Clearly you can see that forks are helpful for eating everyday! — Parry Huber

– There are four reasons why I am thankful for staplers. First I am thankful for a stapler because it keeps my papers together. Without staplers my papers would all fall apart. Second, you can make books with it. If the pages weren’t stapled together, every time you opened a book, they would fall out! 3rd it comes in many colors. 4th you can staple papers to the wall. Mrs. Peeters staples string to the wall to hang up our art, so everyone can see our beautiful work. Clearly you can see that without staplers you will have to tape your papers together. — Jade Minton

– I am thankful for tissues in three different ways. First, you can blow your nose. If we couldn’t blow our nose then we couldn’t breath. The second reason is for when you run out of toilet paper. If we run out of toilet paper, then we don’t have to go outside and get a bunch of leaves. The final reason is you can wipe your eyes when you are sad. Then you don’t have to use your hands to wipe your eyes, because then you could get a rash from using your hands. As you can see, tissues are very important. — Kiera Bodenstedt

– There are three reasons why I am thankful for light bulbs. First, they help me see. If there were no light bulbs my mom would have a hard time cooking. Second, they help me read at night. If light bulbs were gone I wouldn’t be able to read all the good books I have. Third, in the winter people wouldn’t be awake for that long. Light bulbs help keep us awake during the night. As you can see, light bulbs are very important. — Wyatt Jacobson

– There are three reasons why I’m thankful for stuffed animals. First, stuffed animals keep me warm. Without stuffed animals I would be cold. Second reason why I am thankful for stuffed animals is that they are cuddly. Without stuffed animals there, I wouldn’t have anything two cuddle with. The third reason why I’m thankful for stuffed animals is because they keep me safe at night. Without stuffed animals I wouldn’t be scared at night. Clearly you can see why I’m thankful for stuffed animals. — Colt Sparks

• From Mrs. Conroy’s third grade class at FVE:

– I have many things to be thankful for. One of them is stuffed animals. Here are three reasons why I am thankful for stuffed animals. First, stuffed animals have many uses. You can play with it, you can throw it in the air, and catch it. You can take it anywhere. Next they are soft and fluffy, they are also cute. For example, stuffed animals make every little kid feel safe and not scared. This is why I am thankful for stuffed animals. — Jesus Gutierrez

– I am thankful for backpacks. These are three reasons why I am thankful for backpacks. First, backpacks have room to store a lot of stuff. Like books, lunch, water bottles so that is how they have room. Then, they have zippers. The zippers keep my stuff from falling out of my backpack. I like to watch the zippers go up and down. Last, they have pockets to store water bottles and other stuff that fits into my pocket. I like the pockets because they are roomy. This is why I am thankful for my backpack. — Brooke Kussow

– I am thankful for light bulbs, here are three reasons why. They light up dark places. They help me see in the dark too. Some of them are pretty. But the thing I don’t like about them is they waste electricity. Now you know why I love light bulbs. — Wyatt Hovdestad

– I have many things to be thankful for especially for dogs and puppies. Dogs give birth to live young, and dogs have very short lives. Do you have a dog? If so, you know what they’re like. Dogs are very special animals because when cheetahs are born, yellow labs help them. They make cheetahs feel confident. If you like dogs, you might want one. Now you can see why I am thankful for dogs. — Allie Hornbaker

• Many of our staff have also expressed gratitudes of Thankfulness.

– I’m thankful to live in a place that values the impact outdoor activity has on mental health.

– I am thankful for a community that is supportive of teachers and staff in our schools.

– I am thankful there will be a new Granby Elementary School. Once built, students will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

– I’m thankful for clear, blue, Colorado skies. I’m thankful I can live in a place so beautiful that other people want to come here on vacation. I’m thankful for a kind, supportive community that takes care of each other.

– I am thankful for my awesome students, fantastic colleagues, my wonderful family and beautiful Grand County. — Louise Foster

– I am new to the community and district and I am grateful to have been welcomed so warmly and by so many.

– I am Thankful for my children coming home for Thanksgiving and being able to celebrate with extended family this year. Thankful for Granby Elementary school family, our community, and where we get to live each day. — Rhonda

– Thank you GOD for taking care of us with health, love and blessing.

– I am Thankful for my students who arrive every day ready to learn and with smiles under their masks. They brighten my day. — Mrs. Laurie Ciccarelli

– Thankful for a supportive community.

– I have a lot to be thankful for. I am healthy and so is my family. I am happy. And I am loved. – Mrs. Henry

– I’m thankful that EGSD bands and choirs will be presenting Concerts in December!! Choirs are Dec. 1 and bands play Dec. 6. Both shows are at 6:30 p.m. in the MPHS auditorium.

– I am so thankful for subs who stepped in and kept the learning going while I recovered from surgery!

– I am thankful for the amazing community we live in and all of the support and flexibility of our staff, students and parents during these challenging times. We are making it through because of you!

– I am thankful that our kids can get a COVID-19 vaccine.

– I am thankful that I got to see EGSD kids helping kids get their vaccines (see attached photo, Chloe Fanning and Zoe Sullivan). Chloe was my diligent helper at our EGSD/GCPH clinic.

I am thankful to work with a team of professionals who are dedicated to the health and well being of our kids.
EGSD/courtesy photo

– I’m grateful to work with a staff that I genuinely enjoy — I look forward to seeing you and chatting with you.

– I’m grateful for a staff that understands what hard, human work this is and continues to show up day after day.

– I’m grateful for our four-day weeks as sometimes I feel like I couldn’t possibly work a fifth.

– I’m grateful for a staff who can see the humor in our work . . . I mean, we work in a building with 310 11- to 14-years-olds.

– I’m grateful we’ve been able to have school in-person for most of the pandemic.

– I’m grateful for a staff who support one another.

– I’m grateful for our kids who are smart, creative, funny and mostly well-behaved.

– I’m grateful for a community who supports our schools whether through PAC participation or by voting for 4A.

– I’m grateful for a staff that can cook . . . looking forward to lunch today.

– I’m grateful for staff who are always willing to cover one another’s classes.

– I’m grateful for a week off at Thanksgiving.

– I’m thankful for family, health, kids, colleagues, and community. (And turkey, stuffing, and gravy of course.

– I am thankful for having a job that I love and students who make it fun and challenging everyday. — Mme Dubois

– I am thankful that I look forward to coming to work each day. Our students, staff and community are amazing and our schools reflect that everyday. — Frank Reeves

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