Inauguration, music united party-goers in Grand Lake |

Inauguration, music united party-goers in Grand Lake

Cyndi McCoycmccoy@skyhidailynews.comGrand County, Colorado
Courtesy photoThe healthy Grand Lake effect (cool, elevated climate and clean air) has inspired some new music for band Tight Like That. The band core is made of couple Lynnea Godfriaux and Brad Pregeant.

As people celebrate the inauguration of the new U.S. president at Grand Lakes Gateway Inn, the party will continue with two special musical performances.The day will be a big one for the country and band Tight Like That, which makes an appearance after two years of down time. Lynnea Godfriaux on vocals, percussion and flute, and Brad Pregeant on vocals, piano and keyboard form the bands base.Godfriaux has battled with a neurological condition worsened by pesticide exposure and makes rare appearances when she can. Here full time for her first winter just last year, the former snow bird said theres something about the mountains that makes her feel better.The musical couple met and subsequently fell in love in 1988 when a mutual friend put a band together.The band lasted three weeks and weve lasted 21 years, Lynnea jokes. The singer/songwriter said she and Pregeant, a New Orleans-style jazz pianist, looked at each others song lists and said all right.Tight Like That sprouted from a three-part harmony ensemble she and Pregeant formed in 1995 with New York singer and percussionist Beverly Jean Lewis called Me, Myself & I. Since then Godfriaux said it has taken many forms, including with Wisconsin drummer Todd Steward, guitarists Dave Gilbert and Jim Capik, and saxophonist Walter Holland. The Grand Lake version of Tight Like That, which will perform for the Grand County Democrats Inauguration Party, will be a trio including Patrick Brower on drums.The band name comes from a song by several different jazz players from New York and New Orleans in the late 1920s and early 30s, Godfriaux explained. She said it became like a run-on folk song in which musicians added lyrics and crazy verses.Since her and Pregeants style is deeply rooted in jazz and blues, Godfriaux said the name just seemed to fit. They take a lot of that original sound and add some Latin and Bo Diddley beats, as well as some Reggae influence.They have a whole bunch of new songs that they look forward to playing at the Gateway. Godfriaux has penned Good Thing Goin On and Sunshine Zydeco, as well as Mixing Colors about bringing people together, and Rocky Mountain Stars, which pays tribute to Grand Lake. Pregeant has a new one theyll play called Mid-City Shufflin.Its so much fun to get out this kind of positive music, Godfriaux said, adding that they were more than happy to accept the gig. It feels like a time of coming together, regardless of political affiliation. Many of the songs for the evening, they said, will reflect that.The Grand Chorale is also set to perform. The male chorus of about 20 men is an official chapter of the Barbershop Harmonic Society. Singing primarily in the barbershop style of four-part harmony, the group is known to blend in ballads, spiritual, swing and show tunes.

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