Indian Peaks students learn culinary skills |

Indian Peaks students learn culinary skills

On Dec. 2, Indian Peaks Charter School eighth graders went on a field trip to Caroline’s Cuisine in the Three Lakes area to meet and cook with owner Jean Claude Cavalera.

Cavelera ran around the kitchen, assigning and helping students with their jobs.

“Jean Claude has had much experience cooking and it was a joy to work with him,” said parent Kate Elliot on behalf of the students. “He literally made us feel like chefs in a professional kitchen. He showed just how much experience he has when creating his dishes.”

Cavelera let eighth graders taste the food they cooked. Hungry IPCS staff and other students came to taste the food the Indian Peaks eighth graders had prepared, including the school principal.

The eighth graders learned about restaurant service as they bustled around, serving Salade Vinaigrette. For the next course, they served Boeuf Bourguignon a la Julia Child, the French version of Beef Stew.

After the main course, out came the dessert, Mousse au Chocolat with whipped cream and a plump juicy strawberry.

Finally the eighth graders got to sit and enjoy the meal they had prepared.

The food was deemed splendid and the Caroline’s Cuisine staff deserved a round of applause. “Much thanks go to J.C., Gustavo and Dean. We appreciated the experience and hope to visit again next year,” Elliot said.