It’s called ‘political socialization’ |

It’s called ‘political socialization’

McCall Linke
Forever Young
Middle Park High School

The issue with school budget cuts brings up more than money. The resistance against conjoining the elementary schools raises the question: Do we have something against the other towns?

During the sixth grade lunch the politics of our parents shows. There are the Granby kids table, the Fraser kids table and the Grand Lake kids table. There are few and far between of mixed tables.

Middle School is full of drama no matter what district. At East Grand School District the tears are shed over cliques and groups – mainly made up geographically. After five or six years the groups start mixing, only because of “forced fun.”

The junior year of Middle Park High School, really bonds the class through River Trip and Costa Rica. By the final year, when it’s almost too late, classmates will travel across the county to be with friends.

What I’m trying to get at is the resistance of combining the elementary schools shows the cruelty of our politics. This is where racism, sexism, etc. starts – the parents. It’s called political socialization. The whispers in the grocery store that say “we don’t want our kids mixing with those people,” are disgusting.

Parents of other than Granby Elementary students are rightly woeful about the long bus rides, but look at other places. How far do they travel? And while you’re at it, look at other districts similar to our size – how many schools do they have? Three: one elementary, one middle school and one high school – definitely not five.

Raising the extra money by sales tax would only stress the already troubled financial communities. Besides, we already voted and dismissed raising the sales tax.

More importantly, what are we teaching our kids? That adapting, change, and compromise are bad? People who are different than us are not as good as us?

Maybe it’s the politics getting in the way. Let logic lead the way. History has taught us, why haven’t we learned?

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