It’s not the gun, it’s the person using it |

It’s not the gun, it’s the person using it

It’s not the gun, it’s the person using it

To the Editor:

I have been reading with much amusement the letters from Andy Womack. “Liberals” know that it was purposely put into the Constitution for the express purpose of keeping power hungry politicians in check.

The framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights were in the process of starting a new country from scratch. They had just kicked King George out and were justly worried that either England, or some other country might try to move in. They also weren’t sure that people in their own ranks might get big ideas.

The “Well Regulated Militia” meant a force banded together and trained to handle problems not only at home, but in the local district, state, or the defense of the country. The Militia Men were for the most part required to provide their own weapon. Those weapons ranged from very high quality “state of the art” guns, to old junk more dangerous to the user than the enemy.

Maybe the “Militia” men couldn’t conceive of modern M-16’s or Ma-deuces, but I would bet that they could have, in short order, figured them out, and made good use of them.

I would also bet that George Washington would have been passing out 30-round magazines faster than Magpul in Denver the other night.

Andy, and your other “politically correct” liberals, it is not the weapon, or the size of the magazine, that is the problem.

The problem is the evil in the heart of some idiot. People have been doing stupid things since time began. They will do stupid things until the end of time. People use green Buicks to crash a sidewalk in California and kill 13 people. Shouldn’t we ban green Buicks?

For you, or Hickenlooper, or Obama to make criminals out of people like me that don’t cause trouble is just plain wrong, big-headed, and does nothing to get at any solution. I’m not sure that there is a solution.

When I break the law, focus on me, not an inanimate object.

Norm Benson


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