It’s not too late for Grand County commissioners to rethink transfer station |

It’s not too late for Grand County commissioners to rethink transfer station

To the Editor:

After realizing the faux pas of their lack of communication with the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs, now the Grand County Board of County Commissioners is asking the community for input about where the waste transfer station should be located.

Maybe it seems like too much common sense, but why not do a little research to determine where most of the trash is generated? This could be easily found out by contacting the various trash haulers in the county. Certainly those companies keep records of how much trash they transport from various areas.

And speaking of trash haulers, have they been asked for input? That just seems like a no-brainer to me ” start asking questions of the groups that would use the transfer station the most.

And while all this research is being done, why not figure out where the trash is going after it is collected at the transfer station? It would seem only logical that the transfer station should be located as close to the final dumping spot as possible.

Grand County is wondering if it should be in the trash business at all. Judging by the county’s lack of foresight on this whole mess, I believe the county should step out of the way and let this service be provided and managed by private companies.

The county has no business taking more property off the tax rolls to accommodate a for-profit transfer station operation. If is determined that the station is to be located on county property, a competitive bid process should be made available to those wishing to provide the service.

It’s not too late for the BOCC to backtrack on this issue. There’s always time to do something the right way.

Dawnie J. Baldo

Hot Sulphur Springs

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