It’s Time For Summer Sports’ Prep |

It’s Time For Summer Sports’ Prep

Jackie Wright/The Fitness Trail
Grand Lake, CO Colorado

Last week we featured the first drill in a three tennis-drill circuit program. This week we will highlight two more drills to complete the circuit program. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program or sport, please consult your physician.

BOSU Balance Trainer/Disc/Forehand -This drill targets the spinal rotators, as well as the scapular protractor/retractors, shoulder flexor/extensors, forearm flexors/extensors, the hip flexors/extensors/abductors/adductors as well as the core stabilizers.

Equipment suggested: BOSU Balance Trainer and Gliding Disc (or paper plate)

• Begin standing on the floor right in front of the BOSU with the non-dominate shoulder/hip facing the BOSU, holding the disc or plate in your dominate hand.

• Legs should be staggered as though you are about to hit a forehand, the shoulders rotated back/down, the rib cage lifted, navel pulled toward your spine and the knees relaxed with the weight initially, equally distributed on both feet.

• Step up onto the “bull’s eye” of the BOSU leading with your non-dominate foot followed by your dominate foot as you simultaneously “hit” the imaginary tennis ball with your forehand stroke. Use the disc/plate as your “racquet” creating a complete follow through of the stroke requiring you to rotate the torso and hips.

• Step back off the BOSU with first the dominate, then the non-dominate foot, bringing the arm back into ready position for another stroke.

• Continue stepping onto and off the BOSU performing the forehand for 12 repetitions, take a 15-second break, keeping the feet moving and then repeat the forehand for 2 more sets of 12 repetitions.

• Once you have mastered the balance component on the BOSU, pick up the pace of movement so it is continuous and challenging. To intensify, begin to “jump” onto the BOSU, striking it as you hit the forehand.

Traveling Side Lunges -This drill emphasizes lateral movement and engages the entire lower body as well as the core stabilizers. No equipment is needed, just a flat, straight track without obstructions which will enable you to perform at least eight side lunges to the right and to the left continuously.

• Begin standing with the legs approximately shoulder-width apart, shoulders rotated back/down, rib cage lifted, navel pulled toward the spine with the knees relaxed and the body weight predominately in the heels to mid-foot.

• Step out to the right side with the right leg, hinging from the hip joint, flexing the right knee approximately 45 degrees at the knee joint (i.e. keep the knee behind shoe laces), and the left leg trailing, relaxing the left knee.

• As soon as your right foot lands and the side lunge position is achieved, pull the left leg back into the beginning position and repeat the right side lunge again until you have completed 8-12 repetitions, then repeat the same sequence leading with the left leg.

• Perform three sets of 8-12 repetitions of the Dynamic Back Lunge/Rotation with a Medicine Ball drill, followed by the BOSU Balance Trainer Forehand Drill and then the Traveling Side Lunge Drill in sequence allowing 15 seconds between drills/sides two-three times per week. Always warm up first.

Next week, we will begin focusing on a swimming drill circuit.

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