It’s too bad newspaper has to lay off good writers |

It’s too bad newspaper has to lay off good writers

To the Editor:

Sorry to hear that Cyndi McCoy is being let go. Not that I read her in the paper ” I have not read the paper since you let Will Bublitz go a few months back. I had worked with Will a lot over the last years and respected his reporting and the passion he brought to the paper.

Such a hard spot for you. As you let folks go, your paper becomes less viable. I see less “real” news being reported and as a result I read it less. I really miss the local stories on high school sports. All we get is an occasional picture with a caption; what a shame.

With all of the bad news available to write, I really enjoy reading how our kids were doing, not only in athletics, but other extra-curricular activities as well.

You have lost good people, you have lost good stories, you’re dying, slowly, and it is too bad.

John Young


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