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Jack A. Rickman: Move on, get over it

To the Editor:

After reading Mrs. Ransom’s letter (May 18), I realized a good part of it was about me.

Funny I do not remember Mrs. Ransom, so I asked and to my surprise she was on the town board. Sorry do not remember you but if you just sat there and ate like most, why would I?

Again I will state, if it’s wrong, blame me; if its right, I must have made a mistake. One thing I am so tired of is we didn’t know this or that, or he did this or that. Blind, dumb, or stupid knew or should have known what was going on but if people choose to believe different, blame me.

I know better and so do some other board members. Just easier this way. You did state some facts that are right, some are not, slanting a story to fit the needs is like a rumor, and I believe that is what you talked about.

So, as your mayor has said, move on, get over it.

Jack A. Rickman