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Jail Log

As of Monday, the Grand County Jail in Hot Sulphur Springs was holding 35 inmates, three fewer than last week. Those booked into the jail over the past week, the charges filed against them and the dates of their bookings include:

Lydia Gilbert, 29, of Granby, 3rd degree assault, resisting an arrest and disorderly conduct, Nov. 23.

Martin Tarango Morales, 19 of Denver, failure to pay, Nov. 23.

Joseph Rayfield, 45, of Hot Sulphur Springs, failure to appear, no proof of insurance, Nov. 23.

Christopher Bigler, 20, of Fraser, fugitive of justice from Fraser-Winter Park Police Department -failure to comply, Nov. 23.

Peter Mill, 22, of Fort Collins, no proof of insurance, driving under suspension, speeding 42 mph in 30 mph zone, Nov. 23.

Patrick O’Connor, 40, of Arvada, remanded to the Colorado Department of Corrections, Nov. 25.

Joseph S, Guiling, 27, of Winter Park, attempted drug violations, Nov. 26.

Nicholas Sgrignoli, 21 of Middleton, Wis., possession of a schedule II narcotic, Nov. 26.

Aaron Etten, 34, of Grand Lake, driving under the influence, eluding a police officer, reckless driving, uninsured vehicle, expired registration over 60 days, Nov. 27.

Kellen Claymore, 21, of Denver, failure to appear – careless driving, Nov. 27.

Jeremy Jaehn, 31, of Granby, driving under restraint – no insurance, operated an uninsured vehicle, drove vehicle without valid driver’s license, drove defective vehicle, Nov. 27.

Dustin Estep, 25, of Littleton, DUI-drugs, failed to use turn signal, possession of one ounce or less of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, Nov. 28.

Jason Wilson, 37, of Granby, driving while ability impaired, improper mountain driving, Nov. 28, Mittimus.

Kenneth Yingling, 25, of Denver, DUI-drugs, defective vehicle, operated vehicle without a license, possession of less than 1 ounce marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, Nov. 28.

Kurt Westerlund, 77, of Fraser, vehicular eluding in reckless manner, driving under restraint, aggravated habitual traffic offender, DUI, no proof of insurance, attempting to elude peace officer, reckless driving, failure to drive in single lane, Nov. 28.

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