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Jail Log

As of Monday, the Grand County Jail in Hot Sulphur Springs was holding 30 inmates, two more than last week. Those booked into the jail over the past week, the charges filed against them and the dates of their bookings include:

Brittany N. Wise, 18, of Granby, failure to appear – bond, failure to appear, theft under $500, bond revocation, Dec. 21;

Lee A. Frankel, 49, of Tabernash, remanded to Department of Corrections, Dec. 22;

Amanda L. Jacobs, 26, of Hot Sulphur Springs, 3rd degree assault, Dec. 22;

Peter T. Huston, 34, of Hot Sulphur Springs, 3rd degree assault, Dec. 22;

Derek I. Schmidt, 36, of Fraser, failure to appear, Dec. 23;

Ife F. Caldwell, 32, of Derrider, La., harassment, Dec. 24;

Anthony C. Lahaie, 44, of Granby, 3rd degree assault, Dec. 24;

Andrea W. Rand, 53, of Granby, 3rd degree assault, 1st degree criminal tampering, dec. 24;

Wesley W. Schar, 30, of Littleton, false imprisonment, 3rd degree assault, Dec. 26, Mittimus;

Michela A. Spindler, 21, of Winter Park, 3rd degree assault, Dec. 27;

Caleb D. Jones, 19, of Eckert, driving under the influence of drugs, driving under restraint, not using a seat belt, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, underage possession of alcohol, Dec. 27;

Jose A. Rios-Munoz, 47, of Fraser, driving under the influence, Dec. 27, Mittimus.

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