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Janet Day: More businesses close in Winter Park

Janet Day
Talk of the Valley
Winter Park, Colorado

More Closings. Sadly add to the list of newly departed Fraser Valley businesses:

– WildCreek Brewing Company/Untamed Southwest Grill. I liked the round bar, the funny beer labels and the mac and cheese. Didn’t like the noise level or the kitchen’s tendency to over-salt most dishes. The company’s Web site says simply “closed for mud season,” but “For Sale” signs are up.

∞ Green Olive Italian Steakhouse. I never ate there and never heard much about it, but am wondering if that third floor location has something to do with restaurant viability in that space in this economy. Street-level shops and signage get the drive-by and walk-by business.

∞ Singing Dog CDs. The fun and funky movie, music and accessory shop next to the Conoco station in Winter Park is empty and not even the sign remains. Reports indicate a by-the-slice pizza shop is going into the location with plans to stay open late to attract the hungry after-bar crowd.

Renewed Beginnings. Trail Ridge Road has opened. Golf courses have opened. The Winter Park and Fraser flower beds have been uncovered and tended. Summer must be here. It’s a great improvement over May and June last year when we got snow after snow after snow to the point that I stopped counting the days.

Critters are enjoying the warm weather, too. Foxes are again lounging on decks and porches with their cute little kits; bears are digging in trash cans, hummingbirds are flitting around and moose are knee-deep in wetlands created by snowmelt. There are several moose in my neighborhood but one is particularly amusing. This moose girl seems to have a fondness for short, green, domesticated grass instead of the taller marsh grasses growing in the drainages and wetlands.

The big girl can be found some mornings parked in front of a condo at or near Meadowridge, down on her front knees with her big moose butt in the air, chomping down on the lawns. She even seems to pose sometimes for the many photos being taken of her enjoying breakfast.

Another moose startled a few Winter Park Resort employees by staking out space for herself and her calf in the parking lot. No matter how often I see the big gangly prehistoric-looking creatures, I’m entranced.

Engaging Entrepreneurs. The Business Without Borders and Winter Park/Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce speed networking event last week was a big success with more than 100 participants packing Fontenots to make their business pitch in 30 seconds. Unfortunately, I missed the event thanks to some weird virus that has deprived me of having a voice for a few weeks. (Didn’t want to infect the whole valley and no one would have been able to understand me anyway). Those who did attend report having a great time with more than a few business prospects being developed.

Look for the event to be held again next year, and stay tuned for details about the Fourth Annual Business Expo, tentatively to be held in October. Last year’s event was standing room only, introducing people to many businesses, artists and entrepreneurs few knew existed up here.

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