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Jargon and money don’t mix

John Ridell writes a business column and a fun, Zoomer-Boomer outdoor column for the Sky-Hi News.

Jargon is an interesting word and one that has tremendous potential for mischief. It is defined as one of a “confused and unintelligible language,” and “the technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity or group.” A personal observation, based on the two previous definitions, has it to be a huge self-imposed obstacle for technology based entrepreneurs. But it doesn’t have to be.

Most professionals associated with technology based companies and the entrepreneurs that founded them know that the defining characteristic of success is not the technology itself. Rather, it is the application of technology leading to a new or better solution for some problem with an associated magnitude. Throughout this process of commercial application, the development process is rife with jargon and this communication language shortcut is indispensable to the process. The moment the entrepreneur steps out of the “research and development lab” however, this communication facilitator becomes the language of Babel for potential customers and investors.

The discipline to stick with the simplistic explanation without resorting to jargon is the challenge. We all have a tendency at times to take the path of least resistance and allowing ourselves to use “code-speak” instead of “normal-speak” is not easy.

The world of capitalism does indeed incorporate strange if not unwanted bedfellows. On one hand there are the idea generators who need money and on the other, there are the idea commercializers who have money. Both need each other for success but most know that there are always more ideas than there are investors.

The successful recognize that success has to be founded on a common language of profit and profit is founded on a mutual understanding of opportunity.

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