Jeff Crane and Mark Krieg: Granby Fire Board incumbents cite record |

Jeff Crane and Mark Krieg: Granby Fire Board incumbents cite record

To the Editor:

We have nearly 45 years combined service with the District as volunteers (retired) and board members serving with three other members. During our time on the board we have accomplished many significant goals, including:

The bond issue which was passed by the public to provide funds to construct a new headquarters station and residence facility, help fund a joint south station and buy new equipment, all of which was accomplished well within our projected budget.

Negotiated acquisition of land to construct a new headquarters station which includes a large meeting facility made available to non-profit and local public services such as police, emergency, U.S. Forest Service and volunteer organizations.

Construction of resident’s quarters to aid in recruiting and training new volunteers. Our current roster of firefighters is nearly double what it was 10 years ago and has resulted in a more efficient and quick response time.

Fiscally responsible with all district funds being spent with board approval, subject to annual audits by an outside agency as required by the State of Colorado.

A north station has been a part of the District’s long range plans for many years and if completed will attract more volunteers in that area. It will also improve our insurance rating, which equates to lower hazard insurance premiums for many homeowners. No funds have been spent on land or a station at this time, nor will any be spent if the board feels the District cannot fund it.

We have always put the current and long range needs of the community foremost in all of our decisions as board members. We also feel that our experience as volunteer firefighters has been an asset when considering issues facing our volunteers, residents, staff and retirees.

We are one of very few departments of our size in the state that does not pay any of our firefighters, resulting in a substantial savings to our tax payers.

District assets and the general fund balance have grown substantially and kept well ahead of annual spending during our time served.

The District has performed so well fiscally under the direction of this board and the department’s Chief and Administrator David Boyes that the bond rating services have seen fit to raise our rating, which in turn allows us the option to re-finance our bonds at a better interest rate and therefore save money.

We consider our time served both as volunteers and Board Directors as being a privilege and hope that we may continue to do so in the future. Our regular monthly board meetings are held on the second Monday each month at 7 p.m. and are always open to the public. We urge you to cast your ballot on Tuesday, May 8, at the polling place located in the Headquarters station in Granby.

Jeff Crane and Mark Krieg

GFPD#1 – Granby Fire Board members