Jeff De Mattos: Highway 9 needs more policing |

Jeff De Mattos: Highway 9 needs more policing

To the Editor

I have to say, those of us driving Highway 9 to and from work from Spring Creek or Kremmling should have the right to be protected from dangerous and uneducated drivers on this deadly highway.

I remember hearing somewhere that the State Patrol and county sheriff’s motto is to Protect and Serve. If they want a pat on the back from the common daily commuter on Highway 9, they should protect us from speeders and double yellow line passers and serve their community by bringing in the money created from tickets on this road.

I work with and have many customers who commute this road twice a day, six days a week. Those of us that are out here know that there are many commuters who will not like police presence during rush hour traffic. These are the people those of us who do want them need protection from. They are dangerous.

Sure the police saturate Highway 9 after an accident, but that is only for a day or two. Then they are rarely seen during real drive times. One officer who lives in Spring Creek does a great job pulling people over when she is on her way to work. But even she has said that she would like to see a real patrol out here. I have personally seen a Sheriff’s SUV parked on the corner leading into Kremmling and they did not pull over a car that was clearly doing more than the speed limit. And it usually is some guy that just passed me on a double yellow line in traffic.

So I say to law enforcement, get out there, serve our community with more dollars from those breaking the law and/or endangering others, and protect our families from losing the constant battle that is called the Highway 9 commute.

Jeff De Mattos


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