Jeff De Mattos: New speed limits do no good if they’re not enforced |

Jeff De Mattos: New speed limits do no good if they’re not enforced

To the Editor:

Finally, it seems someone is beginning to care about drivers on Highway 9. To help stop the many deer-grill encounters and protect commuters from speeders and dangerous drivers, someone in the two counties covering the highway between Kremmling and Silverthorne has doubled fines in certain areas and lowered the speed limit between dusk and dawn. Thank you.

There’s just something missing still. I can’t quite put my finger on … oh yeah, the speed limit doesn’t mean squat if the law enforcement isn’t out there to stop the careless drivers.

I drive six days per week to Silverthorne twice a day. The new speed limit started Sept. 1, and we all thought the police would saturate the highway for a few weeks. Not one, and already while some of us follow the new limit, many others are still passing on double yellow lines and speeding over the old speed limit, let alone the new one.

So I asked a sheriff’s deputy why there is no enforcement on Highway 9. His exact words were, “There are not enough areas to safely pull people over on that stretch.”

If this was the real reason, then why is there so much better patrolling of Highway 40 between Kremmling and Hot Sulphur? Ben Affleck said it best in one of his movies: “You, sirs, are suspect.”

Just get out there and do your job.

Jeff De Mattos


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