Jerry Winter – Let’s not let corporations skirt the intent of health care legislation |

Jerry Winter – Let’s not let corporations skirt the intent of health care legislation

To the Editor:

I was dismayed to read a story on the front page of the Sky-Hi Daily News with the headline “Health bill could hurt ski industry.” This article focuses on the potential costs of providing healthcare coverage to full-time seasonal workers at Winter Park Resort and what the resort intends to do about that.

The Winter Park Resort CEO asserts “we’re all right now trying to understand what the bill says,” and “the one thing we want to focus on is what defines a seasonal worker.” The translation should read: Let’s see if we can figure out a way to avoid having to provide health care to seasonal workers who don’t currently qualify for it.

Is it comforting to know that although the “resort currently does not provide coverage to first- and second-year seasonal employees, the company places strong focus on safety, wellness, and preventive care?” These “benefits” will not provide much hope or assistance for the uninsured seasonal worker who breaks his leg or is diagnosed with something far more serious, such as cancer.

The person who desperately needs health care coverage but doesn’t have it will not take solace in the fact that every employee “receives a wellness newsletter and attends seminars on health and safety.” How will these “benefits” provide the care that people with serious injury or illness need? The simple answer is that they won’t.

Hopefully, if companies are going to continue to focus on the bottom line instead of the lifeline that healthcare coverage provides, there will be changes to the healthcare bill that prevent companies from skirting the intent of the law.

Jerry Winter

Grand Lake

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