Jessica Perl: Long live Grand Lake’s The Lariat |

Jessica Perl: Long live Grand Lake’s The Lariat

To the Editor:

Tonya Bina did a terrific job capturing the spirit and memory of The Lariat (Oct. 5 edition).

Unfortunately, I have not lived in Grand County long enough to experience the tight-knit camaraderie there that Ms. Bina described so well, but I can certainly mourn the fact that it no longer exists, at least between the physical walls of The Lariat.

Prior to moving here, I lived in New York City, where it felt like every other day I was reading about a neighborhood staple that was going out of business or being closed down for one reason or another. Often, the “article” was just a tiny blurb that didn’t speak at all to what that particular spot had meant to the community.

I thank Ms. Bina for writing a great tribute to The Lariat, and hope that indeed, its doors will one day open once more.

Jessica Perl

Winter Park