Jessica Rose: Grand County needs a ‘puffing’ law |

Jessica Rose: Grand County needs a ‘puffing’ law

To the Editor:

I see that the city of Denver has a law against Puffers, cars that are left idling to warm them up in the driveway or some other place while you have gone back inside the house to wait for your car to warm up.

Here in Grand County, I do believe there needs to be a Puffing law because about two to three years ago my next door neighbors had their cars stolen because they left them running to warm them up. Plus, I have witnessed people leaving their cars running at the post office while they dashed inside to get their mail or buy stamps. Also, they leave their cars running outside the grocery store while they run inside to get some groceries.

It happens no matter where I go. I see this all the time here in Grand County. Some car thief could easily come along and drive off with these cars. Folks, it is time to wake up – we are living in those times where anything can happen and it will happen to you, when you least expect anything to happen. Even though we live in a small town big city crime can happen right up here as well.

Jessica Rose


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