Joanna Eshelman: Pay it Forward |

Joanna Eshelman: Pay it Forward


PAYING IT FORWARD …. and I didn’t even ask his name.

I was doing a little shopping in the local grocery store the other night and something AMAZING happened. So amazing that it restored my faith in people.

As the clerk began to ring me up I began to fill out a check. The clerk informed me that he would not be able to accept my check because I did not have any form of ID. This of course bothered me; after all I shop in the store nearly everyday. I told the clerk to hold my stuff and I’d return with ID, and as I turned to walk away it happened.

The gentleman behind me offered to purchase my groceries along with his. All he asked in return is that I do something to help somebody else … also known as PAY IT FORWARD. I was so touched that a very obvious question never crossed my mind.

Though I thanked him I never asked his name. So I hope this finds him … Thank you so very much – I am truly touched!