Joy Elliott: Help get the Fraser ballfieds out of the dark |

Joy Elliott: Help get the Fraser ballfieds out of the dark

To the Editor:

I am writing to inform the public that this weekend is our end-of the season tournament for the 2010 summer adult softball leagues in Fraser. There will be a sign-up sheet for all who are interested in getting the ball rolling to find a way to raise money and awareness for the lights that many thought we were receiving.

In 2007, we voted for improvements to the Fraser Recreation Area. These included improvements to Pole Creek Golf Course, the building of the Recreation Center, which has greatly expanded where families can take their children, and incorporate positive activities for all Grand County residents, and improvements to the ballfields, which was to include concession stands and flushing toilets.

We look forward to playing softball each year, and are thankful for improvements made thus far. We are excited for the improvements, but we thought lights were part of the equation. It was not part of the master plan, but I feel it is very beneficial to our community.

We thank everyone whose hard work and perseverance prevailed, and the many employees and volunteers who worked hard for these improvements. Thanks for all who voted for this, and the grant money that was donated to make the ice arena a reality. Grand county residents will be excited to play, rather than drive to Denver or Breckenridge to play ice hockey. We are all excited for the new building.

The lights would benefit the soccer fields, the volleyball courts, and the Fourth of July 4, which has brought residents and visitors together for a wonderful celebration. The leagues would have the versatility to play at different times, and more games. Current rules allow for only 7 innings in August because of darkness, and safety. Safety is the most important thing. The Granby league has lights, and only 8 teams. The Fraser league has 18 teams, and we are still in the dark. I will be at the ball fields all weekend, so please support us and sign up for interest in raising money for lights and support safety for our present and future teams.

Let’s find a way to raise money and awareness for the ball fields to be no longer in the dark. We hope you support this endeavor to further improve our community. Thanks for your support.

Joy Elliott


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