Ken Anderson: Let’s keep working together |

Ken Anderson: Let’s keep working together

To the Editor:

As a newly elected member of the board of trustees in Hot Sulphur Springs, I wish to address the mayoral recall.

I’m confident the citizens in our town recognize the mayor and trustees are diligent, hard working people serving without compensation. Inevitably, disagreements will occur between citizens and town board members with occasional tempers flaring from both sides of the table. This is true in any town, small or large. But, it would be a mistake to dismiss the recall as only coming from what’s been described as a “small disruptive group.”

While campaigning for the April election I spoke with about 50 people, many of them outside my circle of influence, and a decided majority wanted a change in direction with or without our current mayor. These people voiced concerns that should not be dismissed lightly.

In this past election we had four people challenge three incumbents for board positions, almost unheard of in our town. Incumbents rarely lose re-election unless the electorate is unhappy and last month the voters replaced two of the three trustees. Plus, almost one-third of the registered voters in town signed the recall petition. That is a significantly high number. At the very least all this should be a wake-up call to everyone involved.

The recall path taken or the cost can easily be debated but we should not focus on that. Let’s be thankful we live in a country where lawful discourse is a right in our state constitution and stick with the complaints. The supporters for both sides of the recall should put forth their position in a civil manner, with respect for each other, get everything out in the open and let the voters decide if recall is warranted.

Hopefully, regardless of the outcome we can move on and any divisions will be quickly reconciled. Going forward, let’s work together at working together. However, even in a small town it may be wise to remember the first rule in major politics, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Ken Anderson

Hot Sulphur Springs