Ken Anderson – Who says Granby doesn’t have enough liquor stores? |

Ken Anderson – Who says Granby doesn’t have enough liquor stores?

To the Editor:

On a recent check of the two liquor stores in Granby I discovered close to 1,500 cans and bottles of alcohol combined between the stores.

There were small bottles, regular bottles, and big bottles. I could buy one bottle, several bottles, or a case. There were all kinds of beer, white wine, red wine, distilled spirits, liquors, red-eye, rot gut, and bottles containing stuff I have no idea what’s in it – and I’ve been around the block a few times.

I believe this would be more than one can or bottle for every man, woman, and teenager in the town of Granby every day. Plus, you can add in all the coolers full of beer at City Market and the convenience stores.

Can someone explain to me how this much alcohol doesn’t meet the “needs” of our community? How much booze does Granby “need” anyway?

It appears that those who say these two stores don’t meet the “needs” of Granby are disappointed they have to drive somewhere else to get a bottle of ’57 Dom Perignon, ’63 Chateau Lafitte, or the latest microbrew. In other words something not a lot of people drink.

It’s probably all a moot point anyway. Once we get a local marijuana distributor, everyone with a headache will buy that instead. We only have so much disposable income for booze and drugs.

Ken Anderson

Hot Sulphur Springs