Ken Anderson: Who’s really being intolerant about Groud Zero mosque? |

Ken Anderson: Who’s really being intolerant about Groud Zero mosque?

To the Editor:

Felicia Muftic’s column from Aug. 11 advocates “tolerance” in building the Cordoba House mosque next to where the Twin Towers stood in New York City. Her column was incomplete and misleading.

Briefly, this building is not a “reconstruction” on an Islamic holy site. It is being named after the mosque in Cordoba, Spain. This mosque was built on a Christian church in 711 A.D. after an Islamic military victory.

A few years earlier in 691 A.D., the Dome on the Rock, an Islamic mosque, was completed on the Jewish Temple site. The building of mosques on conquered holy sites has since been repeated many times after Islamic military victories. It’s the same as putting your flag on your enemy’s flag pole. Those who oppose the Cordoba House understand this correlation.

To put an Islamic “flag” on the Twin Towers site signifying you have been conquered is unconscionable. They say they have good intentions but as noted above history says differently. Imagine if the Japanese wanted to build a Buddhist temple in Pearl Harbor.

Ms. Muftic quotes the Anti Defamation League as denouncing the intolerance of those opposed. This is correct but she didn’t mention the ADL also asked the Cordoba House to “consider the sensitivities of the 9/11 families and build elsewhere.” – AP, July 30th. Also, a lot of conservative Islamic leaders in the U.S. oppose this site.

We recognize certain areas belonging to American Indians as sacred. Why can’t the Cordoba House recognize the sensitivity of this area? For one who wants tolerance this seems very intolerant of them – we are going to build this no matter what you consider this site to be. Wouldn’t a truly peaceful faction of Islam ease off building on this site and not be so forceful?

How ironic Ms. Muftic advocates tolerance for a religion that is intolerant of religious freedom. Try building a Christian church or synagogue in any Islamic run state and see what happens.

Hate, intolerance, or religious persecution has nothing to do with opposing the Cordoba House nor is it the “climate of society” she compares to pre-WW II or the Balkans. I don’t understand why Ms. Muftic always takes the attitude if you’re against something you’re a racist.

Under these circumstances opposing the Cordoba House is the right thing to do.

Ken Anderson

Hot Sulphur Springs

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