Kerry Davidson: HSS mayor cares about the town |

Kerry Davidson: HSS mayor cares about the town

To the Editor:

To Hot Sulphur Springs residents, June 19 has been set for the recall election of our mayor. In regards to your responsibility as an Informed voter, consider the following:

Do you know the responsibilities of our Mayor?

If you have concerns about his stand on town issues, have you spoken to him about them?

Have you been to a board meeting?

Do you know that his vote carries the same weight as any board member?

Do you know that this recall election will cost the town thousands of dollars?

I am frustrated because we have to have a recall election, but I tend to see the positive in most things. This recall has gotten me off of my seat of complacency. I have been to three board meetings and a Meet the Candidates forum.

This has resulted in a new-found respect for our volunteer board and mayor. They are making decisions that affect each one of us, but have little or no feedback from us until after the decision is made and we don’t like it.

Any of us can run for a seat on our board or as mayor, but are we willing to make the commitment, invest the time and energy, and deal with the controversy?

Our current Mayor Hershal Deputy has done all of that and more for six years, and he wants to continue two more. Why? Because he truly cares about our town and the problems it is facing. Is he perfect? No. But who is? Do his actions as mayor warrant a recall? No. He might not please everyone, but he is acting in a partnership with a full board of trustees. I think the things we all need to ask ourselves are: Do I want the job? Have I investigated both sides of the issues? Have I helped out our community, or hurt it – or just don’t care?

We can all help out our town government by being at our town meetings and being part of the solution, being proactive instead of reactive. Let’s keep Hot Sulphur Springs moving forward. Vote “no” on the recall.

Kerry Davidson

Hot Sulphur Springs