Kevin Regier: Let’s change the debate |

Kevin Regier: Let’s change the debate

Kevin Regier

How many dispensaries will it take to satisfy the demand of all the 20-somethings with headaches after a long day of skiing? And how many of those headache sufferers feel their right to poses up to 2 ounces of legal pot also gives them the right to distribute it to their fellow headache sufferers?

The legality of Medical Marijuana isn’t up for debate, the voters decided that indeed. If you have the debilitating pain outlined in Amendment 20, by all means, you should get whatever help you need. However the this is hardly the case for a large majority of medical marijuana registrants.

My original letter was about dispensaries, and they are yet to be decided upon here in Grand County. If decriminalization of marijuana is what you want, Breckenridge is the ski town to move to. Let’s not make this a debate about legal recreational pot use under the guise of medical marijuana. Otherwise, you really will ruin it for people that have a legitimate need.

My point about dispensaries is that you will encourage more recreational drug use with them around, especially when everyone involved is so willing to bend over backwards to do so. Have you seen the ads in the paper “get legal before the laws change.” My explanation of how flawed the legislation is, is not a challenge to legitimate needs of some in this state, but rather a picture of what’s to come with dispensaries.

Perhaps my thinking isn’t as progressive as some, but without smoke in my face maybe my vision is better. If free market capitalist arguments are all we have to support dispensaries, perhaps I’m more liberal than I once thought.