Keystone Zamboni plunges through ice |

Keystone Zamboni plunges through ice

Julie Sutor
summit daily news
Special to the Daily/Andrew PetersThin ice gave way and gave a Zamboni a dunking at Keystone Lake on Wednesday.

KEYSTONE – A Zamboni slipped through the cracks at the Keystone Lake Tuesday night.

Crews were smoothing the surface of the popular skating spot around 6 p.m., when the machine fell part-way through the ice. Workers successfully extricated the Zamboni from the lake the same night and closed the ice to skating.

No one was injured during the incident, and the Zamboni “fired right back up” once it was retrieved, according to Keystone spokesperson Ryan Whaley.

Skating is now done for the season, since temperatures will likely be too warm by the time the hole in the ice is repaired. The ice is still thick enough for workers to safely remove the hockey rink equipment and Christmas tree located on the lake.

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