Kremmling approves special events liquor license for Demo Derby |

Kremmling approves special events liquor license for Demo Derby


The Kremmling Board of Trustees approved a special events liquor license Wednesday for the Kremmling Chamber of Commerce’s Middle Park Fair and Rodeo/Demo Derby on Aug. 8 at the Middle Park Fairgrounds.

The license was approved by the board 3-1.

Trustee Grant Burger III did not vote for it because there was some confusion about what event the liquor license was for, and no one from the chamber was at board meeting to answer questions.

“That’s the only reason I voted no,” Burger said. “I don’t feel comfortable voting yes when I don’t really know everything.”

Planning commission appeal

The board also agreed to hear an appeal from Grant and Susan Burger to review their application to locate a recreational vehicle and boat storage business in a central business zone at 1633 Eagle Avenue.

Their application was denied by the planning commission on July 8.

At that planning and zoning commission meeting, Mayor Tom Clark read a letter presented by Heather and Kenny Bentler who were against the request, saying it would “make the entrance to this side of town look trashy,” according to the July 8 minutes.

Town documents also state that Sara Miller spoke against the proposal, saying beatification of the town’s entrance is important, and the RV storage wouldn’t help.

Jeff Miller and Paul Ohri also expressed concern about the potential project, town documents state.

Afterwards, three of the planning members agreed the proposal would not meet the town’s comprehensive plan standards, which state: “The entrances to the town should be made more attractive and informative so that visitors will have a positive first image of Kremmling and be encouraged to stay.”

Grant Burger said beautification is his objective.

“I don’t know if that (beautification) was looked at as objectively as I think it has been in the past,” he said. “I don’t think it’s been utilized consistently or even at all to some point.”

Board member Erik Woog said the board is “committed to not looking at history in terms of making a judgment for the future.”

“I would be in support of hearing an appeal,” he said, “but it’s not for the sake of making an exception to the law.”

Trustees agreed that they would be willing to hear an appeal in the future, though no specific date was set.