Kremmling Chamber appreciates help with Basketball Challenge |

Kremmling Chamber appreciates help with Basketball Challenge

To the Editor:On behalf of the Kremmling Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and staff, I would like to say thank you to the many businesses, individuals, Chamber board members, West Grand staff and students who volunteered their time, sold tickets, participated in the game, pledged money to the Kremmling Cliffjumpers, or sponsored the Harlem Ambassadors Basketball Challenge.This incredible event could not have been possible without all of your support. The Kremmling Chamber was proud to organize this game for our community and will be happy to invite the Ambassadors back for another game. Thank you Peter Hargadine, Jeff Higgins, Sara Miller, Todd Willson, Sara Mortensen, Joe Shields, David Moore, Don Sanford, Ryan Eastin, Britt Carmichael, Heather Bentler, Kenny Bentler, Juan Evans II, Tyler Hertel, Michael Kerr, Jay Yust, Scott Terryberry, Tyler Terryberry for showing great sportsmanship and fantastic moves on the court.Thank you Phil Bonds, Colleen Bonds, Kathy Clark, Deb Manual, Pam Music, Mike Wilson, Paul Madison and Cynthia Torres for helping the Chamber gather tables, chairs, ice, sell tickets, keep score, wash towels and manage the announcements at school. Thank you Allington Inn and Suites for sponsoring the lodging for our players; they really enjoyed their stay.Thank you Shannon Clark for helping Marty and I take photos, hang banners and manage the production of the Challenge. We appreciate your ideas and energy. Thank you Travis Ward and Crown Prints for donating the T-shirts to our Kremmling Cliffjumpers. Thank you Carrie George, Joanna Carpenter, Gina Schroeder, Sue Strickland, Kathryn Muth, Jeff Pexton, Curtis Fredrickson, Lee Elliott, Jeremiah Elliott, Amy Gray, Katie Keck, Rebecca Roller, Garrett Gray and Justin Stanfill for selling tickets at the door, covering the team’s T-shirt shop, passing out programs and preparing the locker rooms for the players. Thank you Todd Willson and Kremmling Police Department for escorting the team to the West Grand High School gym before the game.Thank you Blue Valley Ranch, Omni Real Estate, Carrie George, Credit Union of The Rockies, Mountain Parks Electric and West Grand School District for your sponsorship. We appreciate you and look forward to partnering with you again.The following businesses and individuals made it possible for the Kremmling Cliffjumpers to participate in this exciting challenge. Thank you Marty and Gina Schroeder, Top Hand Concrete, Aces High Horse Training, Jeff Higgins, Mountain Parks Electric, Cliffview ALC, Larry and Debbi Pope, Paul and Deb Menhennett, F&S Carwash, Bill and Joette Widener, Tammy Schleppy, Gary and Carol Leitner, Pat Perrine, Cindy Callihan, Nancy Rice, Silver Spruce Apts., Emma Gundenkauf, Renegade Towing, Pat and Jen Vance, Dave and Trenta Moore, Renegade Off Road, Napa, Granby, Car Quest, Granby, Wycolo Lodge, Yust Ranch, Sunburst Lodge B&B, Joe and Sandra Shields, The Academy CDC, Mark McKee, Tracey Spence, Tillman Roofing, Bull Basin Outfitters, Kremmling Mercantile, West End Liquor, Ghostwood Interiors, Fishin’ Hole, Subway, Short Stop Convenience and Gas, West Grand Land Company, Jamie Schroeder Family, Brooke and April Howell, Quarter Circle Saloon, O’Aces Liquor, Confluence Energy, Tom and Brenda Kellen, Sue and Bus Strickland, Carrie George, Jack and Bev Terryberry, Terryberry Floor Service, Hoffman Carpets, Pat Gooch, Credit Union of the Rockies, Kerr Family, Hertel Family, Town and Country Insurance, Auto Trek, DMJ Contractors, Jim Franke, Leslie Sorady, Sheryl Tinkler, Carmen Covington, Ellen Parri, Camden Groff, Anne Auger, Kremmling Wild Game Processing, Kathy Whitman, Rocky Mountain Bar and Grill, Vohk Performance, Tri-River Ace Hardware, Scott and Michelle Spade, Larson Family, Jeff and Marty Pexton, Britt and Elizabeth Carmichael, Red Mountain RV Park and Alpine Motor Sports.Thank you Marty Pexton for your ideas and energy with this new event. I appreciate you and I have your back too. Thank you Kremmling Community for coming out and filling the gym, it was great to see the smiles on your faces and hear your laughter and we hope you have a great memory to share with your family for a long time. Marty and I want to thank Carrie George, Monika Cary, Kim Douglass, Joanna Carpenter, Jodi Docheff, Joe Pandy and Keith Jensen for their support and their belief this event would truly be a slam-dunk. We are very fortunate to have you as our Board of Directors.Kacey BeresExecutive directorKremmling Area Chamber of Commerce