Kremmling could remove snow without blocking people in |

Kremmling could remove snow without blocking people in

To the Editor:

Your article about Kremmling snow removal (Feb. 6) missed a few things.

Doug Moses said, “People have got to realize that we have to move the snow off the streets and plow it beyond the roadway’s flow line.” He should have added, “and into everyone’s driveways or ally entries.”

It might also help if the town hired someone who could not only see but knows how to operate the machinery. We have a friend who works for Road and Bridge and he has said it is no big deal to operate a plow so driveways and allies are not blocked if you know how to operate the machinery.

We do not park on the street, so our areas are free to be plowed all the time. We even put up reflectors to help guide the plow driver as to where the edge was.

HA. The plow driver has mowed down all of our reflectors and is VERY close to hitting, if he has not already, our railroad ties.

I bet if he does hit the railroad ties, since they are very well anchored, if he does damage to his machinery, we will be billed for it but the town will not replace any reflectors or fix any damage they do.

By the way, the railroad ties are between six and 12 feet off the road.

Nicki Rister


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