Kremmling EMS seems to waste time, money |

Kremmling EMS seems to waste time, money

To the Editor:

I think Kremmling EMS is a big waste of money. They run their vehicles 24 hours, 7 days a week. Over $4 a gallon for diesel is a waste of money.

(An EMS employee) lives across the street and I see him there about 75 percent of the time ” out playing with his dog, and we are paying him. If he’s on call it’s OK, but if not, shame on him. We are paying him to be at service. That means, at the office. His co-workers might like to be at home, too.

They have used the ambulance for grocery shopping and other personal errands.

They are in an apartment complex. They make (a lot of) noise, but will give complaints about their neighbor in a heartbeat.

They forgot something. (For) some of us, this is our home, not a business.

Barbara Milow