Kremmling Fire Protection District seeks volunteers |

Kremmling Fire Protection District seeks volunteers

Kremmling Fire Protection District is recruiting firefighters and rescuers interested in serving community members and visitors.

Kremmling Fire Department is a volunteer fire and rescue agency servicing 360 square-miles, of which 136 square-miles comprise the Kremmling Fire Protection District.

Volunteers will serve their community by providing public education, preplanning, safety inspections and emergency response.

Firefighter respond to: structure fires, car fires, wildland fires, technical/low angle rescue, water rescue, ice rescue, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials, fire alarms, gas alarm investigation and mutual aid. The district also responds to motor vehicle accidents, low angle rescue, medical assists, and water-type incidents.

The department provides a basic recruit class for all new members that requires 24 hours of training. After this initial training the members train two nights a month in addition to a business meeting that takes place once a month. Additional training is also available on selected weekends as well as outside classes and seminars during the year.

Volunteers are expected to complete a minimum of 36 hours of training per year (to qualify for pension). Twenty-two trainings are scheduled annually, plus recruits conduct monthly maintenance on equipment and are expected to be dedicated and professional with a desire to be part of a team.

New recruits will be required to complete an “extensive” check-off list of job performance tasks in order to become line firefighters.