Kremmling is perfect just the way it is |

Kremmling is perfect just the way it is

Larry Ebersol / Kremmling Crossroads

To live in Kremmling is a privilege. This is the conclusion I come to anyway.

A couple of weeks ago in this very same paper was a thought provoking column pondering the question about whether Kremmling was a good place to live. In the end, the answer was left to the individual to decide. I have obsessively carried that question around in the back of my mind since reading that column, contemplating it somewhere in the background of my daily routine. Not because I was unsure of my answer ” I already knew that I loved living here, but why?

I first read “My Side Of The Mountain” by Jean Craighead George sometime around second or third grade. I still read this story at least once a year. The story of a kid taking off to the mountains and living in the burned out trunk of a dead tree became my safety blanket. I could gaze out across the flat plains of my home state knowing that no matter what I would face in my life, there would always be the mountains.

Maybe I started worrying a little early in life but, that is not the point. Kremmling is not exactly a burned out tree trunk isolated in the wilderness but it doesn’t need to be.

Kremmling as it is satisfies my old dream just the same. Simple things like shopping at the Mercantile have allowed me to enjoy the grocery store experience again. It certainly has what I need, pop tarts and jerky, if not everything I think I want. I can take my time going up and down the aisles and the people I run into I probably know and needed to say hello to anyway. Nothing against the big stores, but lately after trying to shop in one I leave with the same feeling of driving on I-25 all afternoon.

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I spent much of my working life training as a chef, honing my specialty in the cuisines of Europe and the American South. When I left the kitchen as an executive chef it was with a bittersweet satisfaction in knowing I could do it. I still cook for private events when I want to, yet my family and I are more than delighted to celebrate our special meals at the Rocky Mountain Bar and Grill.

There are countless things I could point out about the area and community of Kremmling that I find special and just as many that I haven’t experienced yet. If Kremmling is anything, it is genuine. That is the main point of my column, the experiences and events in the lives of the individuals that make the community of Kremmling what it is.

In my younger years, fortunately not so long ago, I traveled constantly across the United States and the world abroad. I have not left the mountains of Colorado since coming here nine years ago. I don’t count trips to the Front Range as we just don’t have a good comic book store up here.

I realize now that the key to my lifelong dream of the mountains is that I lost my restlessness up here. Maybe my family knew Kremmling was where we wanted to be because it didn’t have to change what it was. We were happy with what Kremmling offered and did not feel we needed to bring what we used to have with us.

I’m writing this column on Labor Day so I chose to stray from the usual format, but we will go back to the Crossroads next week. I do want to remind everyone about the Erica Brown Band performing in the Kremmling Town Square this weekend. It is the last chance to catch the Grand Mountain Bank concert series for this summer. The bank or the Kremmling Chamber should have all the details.

” Please continue to let me know about local items of interest, send them to Larry Ebersole at or P.O Box 564, Kremmling, CO 80459.

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