Kremmling Library looks for ways to enhance parking convenience |

Kremmling Library looks for ways to enhance parking convenience


Kremmling Library is looking at ways to improve parking.

Library officials say some seniors and library patrons with children have complained that the building, located at 300 S. 8th, is hard to access and parking is too far away.

“They complain that it is a long way from the entrance,” said Mary Anne Wilcox, executive director of Grand County Library District.

At a meeting last month, Group3 Planners, hired by the library to do an analysis of the exterior of the building, gave a presentation to the library.

One suggestion made by Group3 Planners is to remove the basketball court to make room for additional parking.

A two-story house was recently built next to the library where parking used to be available, changing the way people enter of the library, the Group3 report notes.

Wilcox said there are only four available parking spaces on Grand Avenue. But on 8th Avenue about 12 diagonal spaces are available, but they are farther away.

“These are all big decisions for the community,” Wilcox said, adding that the basketball court is an asset to Kremmling. As for using the court for parking spaces, she said, “I don’t think that’s going to be something they’re going to want to do.”

If the basketball court is made into parking, people could enter the building from the south side. The document states that this would provide “many winter weather advantages.”

“We’d be taking something away from the community by removing the basketball courts,” said Kremmling Town Manager Ted Soltis. “I don’t think it is something the community would go for … When we make an improvement we don’t want to take something away.”

Another option is to move the entrance to the north side where, despite the “north-facing weather effects, this position provides for optimum balance in interior traffic flow and the most opportunity for long-term flexibility,” the report says.

Wilcox said the decision is months away. “We’re not there yet and we would need town approval to do anything to the building,” she added.

In addition, she said an architect indicated the least expensive solution would be to move the entrance to the south side of the building, which could be done without disturbing the basketball court.