Kremmling library scary story contest winners |

Kremmling library scary story contest winners

Irrigation Monster

2nd place- 5th grade

By Andy Volt

It pounced, I dodged it, and it ran away in the bushes.

I was out irrigation for my dad because he had the flu, and he could not do it himself. My dad told me to be careful; he had had trouble with a monster before now. My dad had not been sure what it was. This was the first time that I had heard of the monster.

Well, I had heard of a monster that had torn down a shed in town. I had stopped about halfway to our lower meadow, and I thought about what my dad has said. Then the bushes moved, and I became as straight as a statue. But, it was just my dog bawling.

I wiped the sweat off of my forehead, in relief. Just as I started to get relaxed, I saw a black five foot tall thing walking toward me.

Just then I had realized that it was THE MONSTER. I sprinted toward our four wheeler, trying to hold it off with a shovel. Finally, I had made it to the four wheeler. Immediately, I turned the key, and pressed that start button. I was about one fourth the ways to our house when the four wheeler stopped. I remembered what my dad had said about a cord to the battery. So I got off of the four wheeler, and took off the seat.

The cord had come loose when I had been going up the bumpy hill. I put the yellow cord in my hand, and shoved it into the hole.

By this time, the monster had come charging around the corner. The monster was only about one hundred feet away. His furry black hide, his translucent head, and most of all his blood dripping fangs. He walked like a bear would retreat from a fight.

But he was not retreating, he was attacking. The monster charged, and it pounced. I had dodged it, and it ran away into the bushes. There were three scratch marks on the seat of the four wheeler.

As scared as a prisoner of war, I started to four wheeler, and drove up to the house.

I told my dad about what happened, and I started to feel kind of sorry for the monster.

Pumpkin Attack

3rd place- 5th grade

By Megan Setliff

On the night of Halloween I was trick or treating with some of my friends. All of my friends were scared of the dark forest except Heather. Then everyone started running plus I heard snarling and growling. I slowly turned around. I saw a pumpkin with red filled eyes, a mouth blacker than the sky, the nose both of the two colors. I started running into the forest thinking that the pumpkin will not follow me.

I heard the snarling again I knew it was him. I was getting faster and faster. All the sudden I tripped. The pumpkin caught me and tied me to a tree. The pumpkin climbed the tree I was attached to. I was stuck I wanted to be saved. Then the pumpkin started screeching this “ghost come now.” While this happened Heather came and untied me.

I asked her, “What are you doing here? I can’t get out leave before you’re tied up.” But of course she untied me.

We were running out of the forest then this ghost army appeared. They were saying “get Megan.” They had black evil eyes, a mouth with green goo and blood coming out, and at the top of their heads blood was coming out.

Desperately we were running trying to get out. Heather disappeared I cried for help! Then I saw heather on the outside. She showed me the way out. We saw the town and the ghost that were following us.

No one was home so we ran. We only knew we could go to the post office.

We arrived then we heard a peaceful and yet evil sound. All the mail boxes opened. A ghost popped out with a book. She said, “Don’t be scared I will not harm you. Use this book to catch the ghost and the pumpkin. When you catch the pumpkin you have ten minutes to destroy the book. As we left the army came into the post office. So did the pumpkin. I opened the book and got the ghost and pumpkin in. Running we left the post office.

We are thinking of what to do. I thought it we could run it over. But Heather said is, “We can’t drive.”

So Heather suggested that we throw it in the lake. I told her we only have 6:00 minutes to get there so we ran to the lake. All the sudden the pumpkin got out of the book and attacked Heather. I tried saving her but then she was dead. The pumpkin looked at me and said “your next.”

I started running toward a busy intersection I ran into the middle of it. The pumpkin was hit. It still had power to kill me and so he did but I knew he was dead.

The One Eyed Skull Ghost

1st place – 4th grade

By Anael Castillo

One Halloween I was playing on the computer. I heard somebody call me, I ran downstairs and nobody was there. The doorbell rang, I opened the door nobody was there. The lights were flickering on and on. “Ring, Ring,” went the phone, but no one answered. I went back to my room. “oooooh” the wind howled it felt like it was talking to me. It was! The moon was full the coyotes were howling. Slime came down the walls. (Red slime) Haaa! Bam!! The door shut. “Something is in my house.” I told Amy. Amy turned red. “It’s the one eyed skull ghost!” We shouted. It came close to Amy. “Haaaa!” She screamed. Amy got stuck in front of the white ghost. The door shut the lights turned on. The ghost didn’t move from his place. I screamed at the ghost and ran outside. The ghost disappeared. I turned to Amy, she was Gone! “Oh no the ghost took her!” I said.

I went to the house next door. That house is haunted. I knocked, the door opened by it’s self. I walked inside. I heard something behind me. I slowly turned around, Haaaaa!! The ghost was behind me. I ran to the bathroom. I shut the door and locked it. There was red slime coming down the walls. The faucet turned on, a tarantula was coming toward me, I screamed and the tarantula became dust. The doorknob shook. I tried to hide. I hid in the bathtub, where the slime was. The door slowly opened, it was Amy. She hid with me. The door opened. This time it was the ghost!

He looked all over for us. He found us! We didn’t move. We ran downstairs to the door and back to my house. Amy and I were really scared. The doorknob shook. It opened I screamed, Amy almost got taken again. The ghost tried to get me this time. I screamed and ran. Amy followed me. Amy and I were trying to get the ghost out of here. He searched all over for us. We ran to the graveyard with the ghost chasing us. He fell into his grave and Poof! He was gone forever. We never saw the one eyed skull ghost again!

The Dead Doll

2nd place – 4th grade

By Allison Teague

Once upon a time there was two girls! Their names were Vida and Raini. Raini had a doll that she tormented. She poked one eye with a fork, broke one arm off by throwing the doll off the top floor. She also shaved the girl doll bald! So she invited Vida over, Raini showed Vida the doll she tore apart. Vida pointed out there was a battery case. So they put batteries in it, but that was a terrible mistake. They played and then asked Vida’s mom if they could have a sleepover. During the night Vida heard whistles. They were cruel sounding but it was in the room with them!

“Raini did you hear something?”

“No Vida go to sleep.” Seriously I heard something. Raini and Vida sat up at just the right time. The doll they put batteries in was alive!

“This is just a dream this is just a dream.” Vida said in a whispered voice. But all the sudden she disappeared and doll was gone too. Raini was all alone so she got out of bed and went to the door. She heard footsteps behind her. She turned around just in time to see the doll at the far end of the hall, it’s face was black the doll spoke “target locked” then the doll started charging at Raini in horror Raini turned around and ran as fast as she could. She went in the master bedroom and locked the door, the master bedroom was large so Raini had plenty places to hide. The door handle shook then the voice of the doll came “Come out I won’t hurt you” said the doll. Suddenly Raini heard a mumbled voice in the closet, it was Vida’s voice! She opened the closet door and saw Vida tied up with some sort of red rope, and the same rope was tied on her mouth. After she untied Vida the door handle shook then they saw that the doll was hitting against the door.

“We need to find a way out!” said Raini.

“I think I know where to go but before Raini could protest the door slammed open. But before the doll found them they were out a small door. They came out in the hallway

Scared as ever they heard more footsteps they turned around nothing was there.

They ran all the way down to the front door, but then it appeared the doll was right in front of them! It followed them but when it did it was invisible. The dolls started towards them they were frozen with fright they couldn’t move. Then blackout………….. They found theirselves in a room that was cold Soon they figured out they were in the garage, cold, dark, damp garage. They were never seen again.

No one will ever go in that house again and it will stand forever.

The Haunted Library

3rd place – 4th grade

By Jesus Torres

One day in the library I was looking for a book for Halloween.

I found a book it was The haunted library. So I went back home it was night. I did not read the back. I just read it.

On the back it ‘said’ do not read this book at night! But I’m still reading the book it got scary I closed the book and then I read the back. It said do not read this book at night. I said oh no I might have nightmares about the book. All the sudden I fell asleep. All the sudden the book came true. The book opened all by its self and I saw goblins come out of the book like when I read it.

My mom called me to come and eat. So I ran down the stairs and I didn’t eat. My mom said what’s wrong. I didn’t say nothing because I saw her go green like a goblin in the book. Then I woke up and I said it was a dream.

The Mummy Baseball Team

1st place – 3rd grade

By Garrett Miller

Once upon a time three years ago at the San Francisco baseball stadium a meteor hit the stadium. When it hit the stadium it killed everyone, but it did not destroy the stadium, just killed everyone. Then one year later no one touched the stadium for one year. So after that one year someone so brave to go and see all those deaths of these players/fan. When he got there, there were mummies of the players and fans, and they were playing baseball, so the alive man freaked out and ran out of the stadium. The score was six to six in the bottom of the ninth, TB batting, bases loaded, San Fransisco pitches the ball, they hit, it’s so high players are scattered all over the field. TB’s score goes up, there’s the mummy ball, it’s. it’s, it’s, a home run. Hold on. It’s a grand slam, the score is now ten to six with TB in the lead. TB got three outs.

Now it’s San Fransisco’s time to bat. The first two batters struck out. Then the next three batters got on base. Then the next batter hit a field ball, no catch, throws the mummy ball to first base man, catches and one out. Second and third base batter’s score. Now TB score is ten and San Fransisco has nine, so that means TB wins. Then the players and fans rename the meteor to mummyor and then they go to outer space and starts throwing the mummyors to every baseball stadium…

The Haunted Forest

1st place – 2nd grade

By Jacob Ferguson

Amy was walking in a forest and she heard, “Boo, boo!” She ran away from the ghost. A ghost chased her off. She was scared of ghosts. Then, she was taken by a witch. Spiders were crawling on the trees. Creek, creek went the bridge. It was slimy on the trees. It was spooky in the forest when it was dark. The witch took her to the cave. The witch tied her to a tree in the cave. She saw a lot of yucky stuff on the walls. On the walls there was greenish glue. She was bitten by some bats. Bats were flying on top of her. She didn’t like bats! They were scary to her. She wiggled and squirmed. She tried to get out of the rope, but she couldn’t get out. She didn’t stop squirming in the rope.

Finally she got out of the rope and got out of the cave. It was spooky in the middle of the night. She was trying to find her war home. She was thirsty and hungry. She ran into another ghost and it scared her off. She was fast but she ran into a vampire. It tried to bite her. She ran away from it. Then she got home.

Hall of Bats

2nd place – 2nd grade

By Benjamin Clark

It was night in the woods. A boy named Jake was in the woods. He heard a laugh. Hahaha! A vampire was in front of him. It said, “I vare you!” It means I dare you in vampire talk. Then there was a house. He knocked on the door. It creaked open. A hall was inside. He walked in and bats flew above him. One bat flew inside his mouth accidently and Jake spit it out. The vampire again said, “I vare you!” It bit Jake’s arm and then he was running home. He grabbed a flashlight. He ran to the house. He shined it at the vampire and it destroyed the vampire.

The Skulls!!! True

3rd place – 2nd grade

By Trae Gore

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Rock. He was a great little boy. One day he explored a cave and he saw something laying on the ground. He thought it was a man lying down on the ground. But it wasn’t a man it was a skull laying there.

The skull woke up and started to run towards Rock. When he ran faster took skull started to run faster. He took a breath and ran again. The skull got lost. But it didn’t give up. It said Boooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock got lost in the cave and never got out.

Transylvania’s Old Old Castle

1st place – Kindergarten

By Sam Ewert

In Transylvania there was a castle. People thought that Count Dracula lived in there. No one went in the castle for years and years.

Then one night someone went in the castle and never came out. Then someone else went in there and heard rattling chains and blood curdling screams. And then they saw teeth. – Big long teeth. And a black cape and a suit. It was Count Dracula! It captured the person and tied it in chains, and put the person in the dungeon.

Then what happened is magic happened in the castle. It made the dungeon door break to pieces and the magic made the vampire die.

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