Kremmling Library Scary Story winners |

Kremmling Library Scary Story winners

1st Place Kindergarten

The Cabin by Grace Wahl

By the creaky old cabin there were boys, scout boys. They were camping around the fire. They heard screech, screech, screech. Then their leader told a spooky story about witches and ghosts. He said, “One night when the moon was full, there was a witch that hid in that cabin. If you drink one of her potions you will turn into a ghost, and it will put a curse on you for ever and ever and ever.”

The boys gasped and they think they saw the witch and a ghost creep back into the cabin. The boys found one of the witch’s potions. They drank the potion and found the witch’s broom. The witch came back and got their souls. The boys said, “Please don’t take our souls!” The witch cackled, but it was only a costume. The witch was actually the scout leader. THE END

1st Place 1st Grade

Tessa’s Spooky Night by Nicole Johnson

Once there was a little girl named Tessa, she was walking home from the library. It was a dark and stormy night, and she saw a witch who was really scary!

Tessa said “ahhh!” She was scared! It chased her, but she was very fast.

Tessa ran until she saw a creepy house. It was really, really scary, but she went in. It was cold inside. Could the witch be in there?

She went down to the basement, it was dark. She heard a growl… could that be a monster? Or the witch? Now she was really, really, really scared!

She turned on the light… what did she see? She saw a puppy! He was cute and all alone and shivering!

“I will call you Spook!” Tessa said, “you must be scared, come home with me!”

Tessa and Spook ran home and she gave him some treats. They were both happy to be home safe!

1st place 2nd grade

Alexis’ Ghost by Shiloh Burger

Once upon a time a girl named Alexis was walking on a dark scary road. This road was scary because the trees grew up so high they blocked the sun. Alexis didn’t know it, but deep in the trees was a hidden grave yard. At the end of the path was an old mansion. The mansion was haunted by millions of ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires and monsters. Alexis decided to go into the mansion to ask for help. When she knocked on the door, it opened by itself and when she walked in she fell into a huge hole in the floor. At the bottom of the hole was a set of creaky stairs that just went on and on. There were lots of mirrors on each side, and when she stopped and looked into one, all the ghosts and monsters pulled her in and she was never heard from again. To this day her ghost lives within all mirrors. So if you find yourself in the old haunted mansion, and you are looking in the mirror and you say Alexis’ name three times, she will pull you in!

2nd place 2nd grade

Trick-or-Treating Night by Alex Schake

Once I was trick-or-treating and there was a house that was scary. It was very, very scary. There were kids that went in and didn’t come out. It was the scariest night of my life! I started to hear noises. I heard a hiss, hiss. Then I heard a clink, clink. Then I heard somebody screaming! I heard things over and over again. I started to get really, really scared. Maddy, Daisy, Stella, Austin and my Mom did not want to go to the house. But we did. We heard the noises got even louder and louder as we moved toward the door. There was a very, very stinky monster. It was an olive greenish color with black spots. Then the monster burped. It got even stinkier than before. It got foggy. We walked up to the door… then they yelled BOO!!

3rd place 2nd grade

The Haunted House by Alan Gomez-Rivera

Hoo hoo hoo! Once there were two boys. One was named Levi. His age was eight. The other boy’s name was Alan. His age was nine. The two boys were walking through the woods. Suddenly a tree grabbed them! The boys tried to escape, but the tree branches were too fast then the tree took them to a trail leading to a Haunted House. The tree put them down and the tree said, “Go to the Haunted House!” When the two boys headed to the Haunted House, they could hear scary sounds. And it was a very cold night the clouds shaped like ghosts. The two boys were scared. When the two boys got to the Haunted House they opened the door and went inside. The door went Boooom when the door closed. “It is dark,” said Levi. So Alan grabbed his flash light but the battery was out. They could hear a ghost saying Boo Boo! And they could see dark dark stairs and they could hear AAAAAAAh. They have never been heard from again.

NO 3rd Grade entries

1st Place 4th Grade

Mikayla Shearer

It was the most scariest thing that Jason has ever seen. It had red glowing eyes and it was six feet tall. It also had three inch fangs. He only caught a glimpse of it. Before it ran into the dark woods. Jason ran after and lost sight of it. He looked around and saw a big mansion. It looked like a haunted house. Jason ran home and called his best friend Jake. Jake came over right away and they went back into the woods. They hid in the bushes and watched the haunted house. Bats were flying in and out of the windows. But they just had to find that creature again. They crept in the front door. They heard a piano playing but when they found it it was playing by itself. The floor creaked behind them. When they turned around the creature was standing right there! It grabbed Jason and ran upstairs. Jake ran after them. He came to the only room and opened the door. There was a coffin in the middle of the room. The coffin was locked from the inside. He could hear Jason screaming in the coffin but I wouldn’t open. Jake ran home to get his mom and dad. They went back onto the woods but the mansion had disappeared! Jason has never been seen again. THE END!

1st place 5th grade

King Diablo by Araceli Miranda

The librarians had a huge party for Halloween, and two lucky kids were invited. Jack, a very muscular guy and his sister Zoey, a girly girl. Jack was looking around, and saw people dressed up as witches, ghosts and mummies. They jogged down the hall that was painted bright yellow and into room 13. In the room it was filled with bright red candles floating in a weird shaped black glass skull. There was a long corridor with faded pictures in cracked frames on the walls and a small red pitchfork with mold. Zoey’s knees gave out with her teeth chattering so bad that it was shaking the circle shaped room that they ended up in. Right in the center there was a dusty gold coffin and engraved in blood-red letters the words King Diablo!

All of a sudden, all the candles went out in the room. Jack and Zoey turned to burst out of the room, when they were grabbed by the back of their shirts. Their hair stood on end. The candles lit up again, there in front of them was King Diablo in a red suit with blood oozing from his horns. He grabbed Zoey by her hair, and threw her with all force. “You killed her!” Jack yelled on his knees crying. Jack was now furious he got up grabbed King Diablo by the horns and threw him in the coffin. Next, he grabbed five candles and chucked them at King Diablo. Least did he know the Diablo family lived in a house of flames. King Diablo got out of the coffin and then threw Jack towards the door. Jack found a block of cement and threw it at King Diablo. King Diablo crashed to the ground with a big bang.

Lauren the librarian ran in, slamming the door behind her panicking. Lauren ran up to King Diablo picked him up and threw him into the wall. He was dead. Next she picked up Zoey, ran super-sonic speed into her Ferrari and rushed to the hospital. Where Emily brought her back to life with an oxygen tank. Zoey went back home and promised never to go to a Halloween party again. “Now that is a good idea, ” said her Mom, Araceli.

2nd place 5th grade

The Castle of Death by Silas Almgren

James and Pete hurried down the street; they wanted to hear more about what they heard early today. There had been 29 disappearances in the last week. They finally made to the market square and rushed over to the crier sitting on a stool drinking milk with his savings. James asked the crier, “What do you know about the disappearances?” He replied, “Not much but most of them are at night and that there are screams east of the royal palace.” “Thanks,” James said. Then he and Pete headed out. When they were walking back they heard a loud scream coming from the direction east of the royal palace. “Let’s go check it out,” James said. “Or let’s go home,” replied Pete. Then James started to run then Pete followed. When they got to the place where they heard the scream they saw a big cape swoop over a creature. “Now can we get home?” Pete asked. Then they looked at the ground and saw a dead body. The body had five blood marks in the cheek and two in the neck. “It must be a vampire,” James murmured. “Or a vampire beast,” Pete said. “Let’s get home.” When they got home their mom wasn’t home. “Ummm,” Pete said, “should we go search for mom?” “Yes,” James said. They grabbed some crosses, they were christens, some wood stakes, and some garlic out of the pantry, they also got some matches. After that they headed out to the east of the royal palace. When they got exactly east of the royal palace a castle appeared out of nowhere. Then they made a hasty decision and went in the castle. When they went in there was a vampire beast waiting for them. Then it lunged, Pete and James dodged the beast. Then Pete threw a hunk of garlic at the beast, it barely skimmed the beast. Though it was enough to knock the beast to the ground. Then they hurried up stairs, when they got up there, it was a horrible smell. It smelled like decaying bodies. James lit a match and looked in the corner. They all had five bloody marks in their cheeks and two in their neck. There were bodies everywhere, in the corner to the right and there was their mom hanging by her arms and legs. “Pss,” James whispered, “Mom.” She lifted her head and groaned. All the sudden they heard footsteps. They both grabbed out a wooden stake and started running. They went up 14 more flights of stairs and came into the last tower; they were completely trapped unless they wanted to jump out the window 15 stories. Then the beast got up and lunged Pete and James both ducked and the beast fell out the 15 story tower. They sprinted down the 14 stories. When they got to the second story their mom wasn’t there anymore. “What the great galloping elephant,” Pete said. “The beast,” James said as he turned pale. They sprinted to the spot the beast would’ve landed. When they got there the beast was gone, then they saw a swoop of a dark cape.

3rd Place 5th Grade

The Haunted Mansion by Jonathan Belcher

It was a dark night with a clear sky and a full moon. The wind was raging madly through the trees near the dark mansion. It was as you could hear tiny little laughs coming from the mansion. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps appeared. A young man was walking down the dirt trail that cut through the forest of willows. Here was how he looked.

He was wearing a green cap that had a white circle on the front with a green L in the middle of the circle. He then had a mustache on the end of his nose and a green shirt below it. He was also wearing a pair of elegant white kid gloves. Below his shirt he wore navy blue overalls and brown clogs with tan soles.

The young lads name was Luigi. For some reason, he had won a mansion in a contest that he had never entered. He looked at his map.

“This should be the place,” he said in a shaky voice. He turned on his flashlight and went up to the front steps. He moved slowly and cautiously up the rocky path. He took out the key from the contest and put it in the key hole.

Suddenly, the key was sucked through the hole like someone had pulled it through the hole. He opened the door and walked on in. It was pitch black in the room. He shined his flashlight around the room on a big door that seemed like it was webbed with webs flashing blue light. He went over and touched one of the strands. It electrocuted his finger.

“YOW!” He screamed. For some reason, his glove and finger looked the same before he had touched it. But that thought passes and he headed up a stairway to another door. He was glad that this one didn’t shock him like the other one did. The room he entered looked like a fancy dining room.

“I don’t like this…” he started to say. But then an orange ghost appeared in front of him out of nowhere. He fell down and quickly scooted behind a table nearby. Then the ghost started acting like something was trying to capture him. And there was. Luigi looked over there was an old man with a vacuum on his back. He tried to pull the ghost into the vacuum. But the ghost got away and socked him to the ground.

“Ouch,” he murmured in a weak frail voice. “I am getting too old for this ghost catching foolery.” “My name is Professor E. Gadd, nice to meet you.” “I swear that this mansion is filled with more ghosts each day.” “Anyways, what’s a young feller like you doing around here anyhow?”

Just then, the ghosts appeared out of nowhere.

“This looks ugly,” said Professor E. Gadd. “Follow me young feller posthaste!” They ran out of the mansion into what seemed like a tiny house. Then they climbed down a ladder into a big lab.

“What’s your name young feller?” said the Professor. “My name is Luigi,” stated the young lad. “Well, Luigi, why have you come to this area?” the Professor asked. “Well, I got a letter one day that said I was a winner of a mansion. I wondered what this was all about because I hadn’t entered any contest. I decided to take the advantage of it so I got a flashlight and headed out. As is was heading out I heard some rumors about that my brother, Mario, set out to find the mansion when he had heard that I had won a mansion. And then when I went inside the mansion, I met you and that’s where we are now,” he told.

“Hmm,” said the Professor. “Now that I look back, I remember seeing a lad that looks a lot like you with a red cap. He just went right inside the mansion without stopping. You have to go and find him. Here, use this vacuum that I designed to vacuum up ghosts. It’s called, this is genius, the Polltergust 3000!”

The young lad went up to the mansion. As he entered there was a door that was not there before He decided to enter it. As he closed the door, he noticed a switch on the wall. It said (DO NOT PUSH!!!). It was the curiosity that made him push it. Then, this door on the floor opened and blue smoke gushed out. Suddenly, ghosts flew out of nowhere.

“WHO DARES DISTURB OUR SLEEP!!!” one ghost said. “Oh, look guys, Luigi’s finally here.” “How did they know my name?” Luigi wondered. “We’re going to do the same thing we did to your brother, only worse!” another ghost said. “I highly doubt that!” he screamed over the noise. He then turned on his vacuum on high and sucked all the ghosts up.

“Wait, the reason he is catching us is because he has the Pollter…: but he was sucked up before he could finish. Then, the room was silent. A door appeared and he went over and opened it. He saw his brother in a painting moving around and calling for help. “Mario!” Luigi yelled. He took it and ran back to the lab.

“Alright, Luigi, put him through that machine over there.” E. Gadd said. He did as so and the machine started up as the painting went in. A second later he came out as himself. “I never want to do that ever again,” he stated and everything was back to normal.