Kremmling pellet plant increases production to 24/7 shifts |

Kremmling pellet plant increases production to 24/7 shifts


Colorado’s first wood-pellet mill started its first 24/7shifts last week to keep up with customer demand, says Confluence Energy CEO Mark Mathis.

“We’ve been making some improvements and some mechanical changes,” Mathis said. “It will be exciting.”

The mill was previously operating 24-hour shifts four to five days a week.

Pellets are becoming more popular because of rising fossil fuel prices and the clean burn pellets give versus firewood. The normal pellet stove is five times cleaner than the cleanest wood stove, Mathis said.

The plant started creating Eco-Flame Pellets Aug. 11. Construction began on the south edge of Kremmling last November. Pellets are used in home heating stoves, commercial and industrial heating applications.

Confluence Energy Pellet Plant has 26 employees and will create an additional 50 logging and truck driving jobs, Mathis said.

The mill plans to operate about 300 days per year. It will offer three grades of pellets: standard, premium and super premium. The difference among the three is ash content.

In Kremmling, Ghostwood Interiors and Northwest Ranch Supply will offer the pellets by the bag.

With all of the dying trees in Grand County, Mathis wanted to use them to create something positive, he said. Beetle-killed trees are the feedstock the plant uses to make the wood pellets.

“We stepped into the deep end of the pool and no one else wanted to do it,” he said, hinting that the plant has more plans for the future. “We are going to solve some other energy problems.”

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