Kremmling Preschool will be taught in new PK-8 School |

Kremmling Preschool will be taught in new PK-8 School


The Kremmling Preschool will merge into the PK-8 School this fall.

“It’s a hope that we can provide more quality services and work with the preschool to make that happen,” said West Grand School District Superintendent Jeff Perry.

“We’re really excited about the preschool being in the same building as us.”

The preschool will occupy two classrooms inside the new building. This will also allow the young students to become more familiar with the building, rules, regulations and procedures, he said.

“That will just help us out with consistency and when you have that transition from preschool to kindergarten it will be easier,” he added. “The classroom teachers and preschool teachers can better communicate.”

The preschool is governed by its own board, which will still control the preschool and continue to establish policy, Perry said. “We’re just providing them the space, which we think will create a better transition and help us to better communicate.”

The building where the preschool was housed, 403 N 9th, could either be rented or leased, he added.

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