Kremmling Prescshool grateful for the turnout at fundraiser |

Kremmling Prescshool grateful for the turnout at fundraiser

To the Editor:

The Kremmling Preschool would like to thank everyone who came to our Chili Cookoff at the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo. We had a great time bringing back the cookoff to the Fair and hope to do so for many more years to come.

Thank you to all those who entered their Chili and to those who ate and Judged. We would like to congratulate those who won in the three categories. The Grand overall prize went to Barb Gehl . Barb received the most votes and her chili was from the Red Category. In the Green Category The First Place winner was Robert Jackson, Second was Rich Janoucek, Third was Terri Tanton. In the Red Category, First Prize went to Paula Ohri, Second to Shawn Wheatley, and Third to Kim Woog. And in the White, First prize went to Linda Manguso.

We had a total of 14 Chili Entries and were very happy with the turnout of supporters. Finally we would like to thank the Family of Rosie O’Hotto, for letting us dedicate this Cookoff to our dear friend Rosie. Rosie was such a huge supporter of the Preschool and the Fair and we miss her very much. We are very lucky to be part of such a great supportive community. Thank you again, and we hope to see you all next year at the fair.

Susan Burger

Kremmling Preschool Fundraising