Kremmling should have punished liquor outlet |

Kremmling should have punished liquor outlet

To the Editor:

I didn’t intend … I didn’t intend on crossing the double yellow line and causing the head-on collision that killed three people. I didn’t intend on speeding and running over that child. I didn’t intend on firing the gun because I didn’t ever check to see if the safety was on …

Come on Kremmling Town Council, let’s be honest about the selling of liquor to those under 21. You don’t want to slap the Quarter Circle Saloon and Restaurant with a fine or pull their license for 15 days because you are afraid of the cutback in your own revenue. You don’t really care about the youth of Grand County or you would have slapped the first offenders with a fine to show you will not put up with ANYONE selling to our youth. And doubled it every time thereafter.

But here you have an offender, not once, not twice, BUT THREE times selling to kids whining that “we didn’t intend” to sell to kids. No, what he is saying is, “We didn’t intend on getting caught.”

The kids hang out at the Quarter Circle just as much, if not more, as they do the Burger Barn because they get to “play pool at the bar.” We eat there on a regular basis and see kids in there all the time with no adults. We have lived in Kremmling 20 years so I know what I am talking about.

Nicki Rister


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