Kremmling water line project: ‘on time and on budget’ |

Kremmling water line project: ‘on time and on budget’


Workers are about two-thirds of the way through the $700,000 project to replace portions of Kremmling water line, “but the hard part is yet to be completed,” says Doug Moses, director of Kremmling Public Works.

Workers are laying pipe near Grand River Ranch on County Road 12. They will place pipe across U.S. Highway 40, DeBerard Ditch and Muddy Creek within the next few weeks. Afterwards, they also will replace pipe on Jackson Street, Moses said.

The main transmission water line was installed in the early 1970s. The town was losing 60 percent of its water production at the water plant to leakage because of steel pipe corrosion and corrosive soil conditions, he said.

Crews are replacing 8,700 feet of the 12,000-foot water transmission line to provide the town a “reliable” transmission line. It will stretch from the town’s water plant, located more than two miles west of Kremmling, to the town’s western edge, behind Alpine Motor Sports.

Workers are scheduled to finish the project before the end of the year, Moses said.

The town’s original project estimate was about $957,000, but Grant Miller Inc. of Silverthorne agreed to complete the project for $683,883. Kremmling secured a $478,500 grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, a 50-percent matching grant with the town paying the other half.

At the start of the project the contractor “encountered “unknown circumstances.” The town asked the company to do additional work. This was paid for out of the town’s contingency funds.

“The project is on time and on budget,” Moses added.

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