Kremmling " West Grand district wraps up PK-8 building construction |

Kremmling " West Grand district wraps up PK-8 building construction

Will Bublitz
Sky-Hi Daily News

The leaking roof on the new West Grand PK-8 Building in Kremmling will be replaced at no cost to the school district.

That was the information provided to the West Grand Board of Education by Superintendent Jeff Perry at Tuesday’s meeting. The West Grand PK-8 Building was constructed last year and classes began at the new building in January.

According to Perry, Neenan Company officials who inspected the roof Monday said they would “make it right” by replacing the roof over the building’s library and gymnasium. The library reportedly began experiencing ceiling leaks last winter and a portion of the gym roof was damaged during strong winds earlier this spring.

“We were prepared to fight the battle,” Perry said. “But Neenan is accepting responsibility and will fix it.” He said the company had already ordered the new materials to conduct the repair work.

Perry told the board members that the reason “why the roof failed” was due to an “issue in installation.”

The Neenan Company is a Fort Collins-based architectural and construction company that is the general contractor for the project.

In a related matter, Perry reported that the district was close to finishing the new school project and expending all the funds generated by the $11.5-million bond approved by district voters to pay for it.

“We believe that we are in good shape with the new school and that the project is nearly completed,” he said.

The contract with the Neenan Company to build the PK-8 Building was for $10,849,655.

The sale of the $11.5 million bond also generated thousands of dollars in bond premium money and interest. The district also received a grant of close to $1 million to help with its projects.

Total revenue from the bond, its other proceeds and the grant was $13,677,601.

The district used the additional money to pay for a number of items related to the new school including landscaping, equipment, furniture and the demolition of the old West Grand Elementary School. The grant money was used to pay for the re-roofing of West Grand High School last year.

On the budget sheet for the projects, Perry said the expenditures for everything as of Tuesday totaled $13,676,770.

In other business Tuesday, the board members gave the go-ahead to Perry to explore the possibility of offering an early childhood development program next school year. The proposed program would “focus on ages 3 and 4 who are not covered by the current preschool.” Some board members expressed concern about finding additional budget money for it, but Perry said he was already “pursuing funding sources” for possible grants.

The board also approved the administration’s recommendation that West Grand High School’s open campus policy be maintained. This past winter a parent raised the issue, proposing that it be modified to keep freshmen and sophomores at the high school rather than allowing them to leave the school grounds during lunch.

The problem of finding new bus drivers was also discussed. The district needs to hire two more drivers by next fall. In addition, Perry raised the possibility the district may have to “cut a bus route” next school year as a cost-saving measure due to rising fuel prices and other transportation costs.

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