Larry Ebersole: Not even dogs will eat veggie dogs |

Larry Ebersole: Not even dogs will eat veggie dogs

Larry Ebersole
Kremmling Crossroads
Kremmling, Colorado

While I was warming up the computer to write this very column, I noticed an article on a taste testing of over 50 different kinds of hot dogs. Included, were the obvious beef franks and traditional hot dogs one would expect in such a test, but I noticed they included soy and veggie dogs. Now, without revealing too much personal information, I have to share an experience I had with said veggie dogs.

I have no real excuse for what I was doing with a pack of veggie dogs, I just had them. One beautiful Colorado summer afternoon, obviously last year, I had the grill going with a mixture of real hot dogs and the already admitted to veggie dogs. I always grill a few extra to share with our dogs as they certainly appreciate grilled meat. I gave them each a veggie dog, which they promptly spit out and sat waiting for another hot dog. I had to put the veggie dogs into buns with all the fixings to get them to finally eat the things.

I have always wondered if I should write the manufacturer just to let them know that my dogs, which have been known to eat some pretty questionable stuff, spit their product out onto the ground. I don’t know if that counts for a scientific taste test or not, but it was good enough for me. If my dogs spit it out, chances are I will, too.

In between rain storms, we have still managed to fit in plenty of summer fun around Kremmling. Friday, July 24, will be another chance to enjoy an evening in our Town Square Park. The Family Fun Night will feature a friendly game of bingo to be followed by a showing of the film “Kung Fu Panda”.

Though we still have a few weeks left in July, if we peek into August, the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo is not very far off.

If you thought there was only one kind of rodeo you will be surprised. Throughout the fair, there will be a Jr. Rodeo, Logger’s Rodeo, and the CPRA Rodeo. There will also be events that have nothing to do with cow roping, but everything to do with car wrecking as the Demolition Derby will be a featured event. There will be a lot of good food available throughout the fair, but I am almost certain you have to bring your own veggie dogs if you want them.

Earlier this week, you probably read about the paper’s editor, Autumn Phillips, moving on to New Braunfels, Texas. I know Colorado folk have always had an ambivalent attitude at best toward all things Texan, but I hope her new opportunity is all she could hope for. I used to live part-time in Texas and I can say there are few better places to eat than just about anywhere in Texas. At least I have an excuse for being a Cowboys fan.

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