Larry Ebersole: ‘Rain, rain go away’ |

Larry Ebersole: ‘Rain, rain go away’

Larry Ebersole
Kremmling Crossroads
Kremmling, Colorado

I hate to admit this, but I finally have gotten that “five dollar foot long” verse out of my head. Admit it. I am hardly the only one who catches himself humming that catchy little tune now and then, right? Unfortunately, I have replaced it with an even sillier little ditty of “rain, rain, go away.”

For some reason, I always forget this part of the seasonal change into spring and summer. I am not talking about mud season itself, our own unique mountain season that I am sure is good for the doormat and paper towel industries. It is the Rockies’ version of a monsoon season that I always forget about until you can’t help but notice it. I know mountain weather always has the possibility of changing quickly, but monsoon season is different. In just the last 10 minutes, I have witnessed rain followed by blue sky and topped off with a shower of ice balls. My complaint is that even if the sun comes out, by the time I put my shoes on it is raining again.

Actually, my bigger problem is that I just bought a new air gun and material to make targets, but I can’t play with this stuff in the rain. Please don’t flood me with sympathy e-mails as I know you feel badly for me. None of my personal problems change the fact that something called a monsoon season seems to fit better with Florida or Southeast Asia.

Monsoon season or not, no amount of rain can dampen the big celebration for the Kremmling Chamber of Commerce this weekend. On Saturday, May 9, they will be celebrating 20 years of economic development in this area. The banquet will be held at the Grand County fairgrounds from 6 p.m. until midnight. The attire for the evening is Black and White, semi-formal to formal, which is a rare opportunity indeed. My etiquette book lists a clean pair of cammos as formal, but there are a lot of different views out there.

The evening will include dinner, an awards ceremony, a silent auction and live entertainment. Our Chamber really does a great job, especially when you realize Kremmling doesn’t even have it’s own magazine that towns like Aspen have, so not only congratulations are in order, but a thank you as well.

This last Thursday, Mrs. Yost and six of her band students from the West Grand Middle School eighth grade class headed to Aspen for the Honors Band concert. It was a nice adventure for the students as they were able to stay overnight and experience a least a little of what Aspen has to offer. The concert went very well and they all returned safely to Kremmling around 10 p.m. Friday night.

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