Larry Ebersole: Reading on the Web doesn’t feel the same |

Larry Ebersole: Reading on the Web doesn’t feel the same

Larry Ebersole
Kremmling Crossroads
Kremmling, Colorado

This is the time of year I look forward to all winter as the warm and sunny weather allows me to take my favorite activity outside. I guess you could categorize reading as an activity anyway, but I don’t think there is any opportunity for weight loss while actually engaged in it. I can spend all day with the written word in any format. The only one I really struggle to enjoy is the electronic versions of newspapers, books, magazines, and any other form of print.

It is not that I don’t recognize the place of new technology and I do try to use it as the tool it can be. I will pull up the Internet versions when I need quick access to reference information or up-to-date news. I just don’t think that it is always the place of new technology to bring about the end of the current or previous formats, especially in the realm of the written and printed word.

There is a certain craftsmanship involved in the scratch of a fine pen across the paper as a person records his or her thoughts in a journal or relays their message in a letter.

Again, e-mail has its place, but will never capture the energy a person puts forth in letter writing. Think of all the history we have learned through stacks of old letters found in a trunk in an attic, or the history being recorded in letters a soldier sends home to his loved ones. Will we capture the same emotions through e-mail?

So many times a newspaper with the bold headlines about the end of a war, a historic election and other monumental happenings is held up in photographs to capture that moment in time. That same paper is usually folded up and stored as a keepsake and historical record of such events.

How different will those moments be if all that exist are online versions of a former newspaper? I carry a book with me everywhere I go so I can read anytime I can, even if it is just a five minute wait for a bus. When I become engrossed in a book, that is the world I want to experience. I find ads flashing in the corner of my eyes a distraction.

I know there are electronic readers now you can download a book into and simulate page turning like with a real book. These gadgets remind me of artificial strawberry flavoring. Why do we need it when the real strawberries taste so good?

This is all something the current discussions about the print version and electronic version of the Sky-Hi Daily News has made me think about; “what I read and in what format do I gravitate toward. I think the online and electronic formats certainly have their place as valuable tools. I just don’t envision the death of the printed word because of them. After all, I submit this column in a word document format, but I write it with my favorite pen in a notebook first. I am not some guy holding on to my 8-track tapes, resistant to change. I have a lot of cassette tapes now. I even tried to buy one of those cameras where the picture develops right on the film as it comes out, but Target didn’t seem to have any.

Nine more actual days in school are what is left for West Grand schools. It seemed like a long school year until my son is a year older now and it seems the time went by too fast.

As we get closer to June, Kremmling Days is the biggest event on the horizon. Scheduled for June 19 through June 21, the Ninth Annual Cliff Golf Tournament will be a featured event. There will be plenty of food, music, and craft vendors to fill the days.

Even though she lives in Greeley, former Kremmling resident Elizabeth Jane Likely will celebrate her 100th birthday on May 16. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you can enjoy life that long you deserve a happy birthday.

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