Last chance for river lovers |

Last chance for river lovers

I am writing to thank Joy Elliot for her accuracy in stating the need to participate in what is probably our last chance for public input on the proposed water projects that will take another 20 percent of our rivers and to applaud her for relating so clearly what impacts our rivers will experience when the proponents of these 2 projects start taking the high flows.

Our last chance to influence the process is now and we only have until May 26 to have our say. Please write to the Wildlife Commission and ask them for a State position on the Moffat Firming and Windy Gap projects that will require mitigation that will offset the true impacts of taking the high flows. Share your own experiences with our declining river health and let them know that taking the high flows will cause these impacts:

∞ The rivers in Grand County are already suffering from sediment build up. Taking the high flows will add to this problem.

∞ Removing the high flows will extend the period that the rivers experience low flows. This will also extend the period that the river will experience temperatures that are too high for trout.

∞ Impacts that we can’t predict can only be dealt with by an extensive monitoring plan. The diverters who profit from taking the water should be paying for this monitoring. An escrow account needs to be set up to be drawn on if the monitoring reveals a decline in the health of the rivers.

Please send in your comments today. They can be e-mailed to or mailed to Colorado Wildlife Commission, C/o Public Involvement Unit, Colorado Division of Wildlife, 6060 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80216.

Kirk Klancke