Last week’s 5 most-read stories on |

Last week’s 5 most-read stories on

What stories hit it big on last week? Here’s a preview: A local teenage hunter bags a massive trophy elk | Our Best Of Grand County contest is now live online and locals are flocking to pick their favorite restaurants, recreation areas, ski runs, bars, etc. | AND MUCH MOREFrom the joyous to the tragic, the Top 5 is a weekly recap of our best local stories. Check out the complete list and e-mail your favorite to

5.Teen bags big bull near Kremmling during ‘Hunt of a Lifetime’On the opening day of the second rifle season, Jack Kuehneman, 14, fixed his eyes upon a 650-pound bull elk standing 120 yards away in an opening among conifers.4.Sky-Hi launches “Best of Grand County” contestDuring the more than two years I’ve called Grand County home, I haven’t noticed a shortage of opinion among the public, no matter the topic.3.H1N1 vaccine arrives in Grand CountyGrand County Public Health received the first doses of H1N1 flu vaccine this week. 2.Granby man greets police with loaded assault rifleA 26-year old man who threatened police with an assault rifle and had an arsenal of weaponry in his Granby home was arrested on Oct. 2. 1.Troubles pile high at Lakota subdivisionA Winter Park development plagued by financial troubles is drawing the attention of the Denver Water Board, the U.S. Forest Service and local government officials over unstable, eroding slopes, water seepage and several large dirt piles that have been washing into nearby waterways.